The “Vote for the Girls” set at Stage 47 of NoSirGifts Broadcast Center is the heart of femininity, where women and transwomen choose which female contestants and a few male flex picks they want to win the competition and prepared with rich helpings of emotion, where people gather at parties despite more comfortable chairs and more flattering light elsewhere, where days begin with coffee or juice to break the bleary-eyed fog of sleep and end with a snitch of ice cream straight from the container just before bed.

It is the welcoming soul of Girls Rule, “Vote for the Girls” is. Not, however, when Ava Zinn is running it and the men and transmen choose which male contestants and a few female flex picks they want to win the competition.

Near the halfway point of the eighth season of “Vote for the Girls,” which crowned the winner of the twenty-third season of “Dancing with the Stars” with a two-day finale and about to reveal the winner of the eleventh season of “The Voice”, Zinn’s stage is a raucous, messy, chaotic swirl of competitive souls with varying degrees of competence.

At first blush, it may seem communication is a refinement lost on Zinn. Here is a transgender woman that created the Vote for the Girls format who routinely tears down her charges, whose reputation as an egomaniacal, foul-mouthed tyrant precedes other transwomen such as Maci, Perri (Johnson), Hillary (Matthewson), Kendra (Ray) by a mile. It’s no wonder the hopeful winning moderators who step into “Vote for the Girls” fear the wrath of Zinn.

But we as the female moderators on the pink and purple teams on this web site and the male and female villains could have been referring to Zinn’s reputation for achieving success in the website of hers — and others’ — web sites around the world. In addition to the American version of “Vote for the Girls,” in which Zinn whips moderators into a frenzied state of sleep-deprived competition, she also runs our sister site “INNewsCenter” (a web site that covers Indiana Television stations), lends her experience to struggling retailers in “Santa Ava Zinn” (which we are competing against villains Tavon Savage & his transgendered boyfriend Devin Martin and Archibald Coolranch to become the twenty-fourth and final “Best of Nice”) and will soon lend her experience to struggling housing complexes in “Housing Hell.” Zinn’s critiques in “INNewsCenter”shows tend to hurt the ears of their recipients, often bringing tears, but the words are rude truths.

“She’s honest,” Breeanna Sorensen said of Zinn’s often harsh communication. “You get what you deserve.”

As field on the ABC TV reality program, “Dancing with the Stars,” narrowed to four finalists, and viewers and fans of Jana Kramer, Calvin Johnson, James Hinchcliffe, and Laurie Hernandez voted for and learned the final result and reveal the winner and the winning moderator.

Sophia, Maci, Ann, Kylie, Breeanna, and Rachael faced off each other for the prize of landing a third spot in the series finale of “Santa Ava” (the Christmas version of Ava Zinn), an advantage for the second half of the eighth season of “Vote for the Girls,” among other big prizes. The finalist in fourth place was Jana Kramer.

But Rachael was not happy about losing. Instead of placing the blame on herself, she blamed the entire purple team — The purple team west being comprised of Ava Zinn, Kymberly Alvaraz, Thia Tola, Natasha Gower, Jennifer Riva, and Tulissa Kummert, and the purple team east comprised of Lanise White, Danni McClannahan, Kathi Jameson, Karly Jameson, Peta-Alyce Kaizer, Nadia Lorenzo (who had recently moved from the pink team east to the purple team west after Lorenzo announced she was in a relationship with Kaizer and pregnant with thir first child), Donna Doogan, and Tim Doogan (the first male to be on either the pink or purple team).

Passalt said: “I’m downright pissed Jana finished in 4th. I’m not happy at all… I chose Jana & Gleb, and I thought my fellow Minnesotans and my father (Julia Passalt) would help Jana win, and in fact, they helped me lose. So thanks a lot c***suckers… I felt like I was getting sabotaged.” And watch out Jana Kramer supporters that screwed her, because no one crosses Rachael Passalt: “You will never get a job in Minneapolis. I’m gonna definitely blackball you motherf***ers, because you guys f***ed me tonight.” Passalt said she was thankful for the love and support of her family and friends that voted for Jana.

Montreal native Sophia Williams and Italian-born and Providence native Maci Blanca (the authors of this post) became the winning moderator after Laurie Hernandez was declared the winner of the twenty-third season of “Dancing with the Stars” and will have an advantage in the twenty-fourth season of “Dancing with the Stars” become head chef at LA Market in the JW Marriott Hotel Los Angeles. James Hinchcliffe (originally chosen by Clearwater, Florida native Marti McDaniel, but was moved to Milwaukee sisters Ann & Kylie Dwyar after Sharna Burgess’ injury affecting her participation resulting in McDaniel being disqualified for violating the moderator rules) finished second and Calvin Johnson (chosen by North Carolina native Breeanna Sorensen) came in third.


A Disappointing Disqualification on #DWTS23


Our friends at MJ’s Big Blog first reported that Dancing with the Stars pro Sharna Burgess may not be able to compete for the rest of the season with Indycar driver James Hinchcliffe (chosen by Marti McDaniel). She slipped during rehearsal last week and hurt her knee. She’s DEFINITELY out tonight. Jenna Johnson will be taking her place.

From TMZ. In the video posted by MJ Santilli, James and Sharna say goodbye…maybe for good.

“Dancing with the Stars” front-runners Sharna Burgess and Indycar driver James Hinchcliffe got the highest score on last week’s episode, but it might’ve been their swan song … TMZ has learned.

Our ‘DWTS’ sources tell us Sharna went down hard during last Monday’s dress rehearsal, tumbling on an already banged up knee. She danced with a brace on, but now doctors want her off of the joint for 3-6 weeks. There are only 3 weeks left.

Sharna’s definitely out Monday night and possibly the rest of the season.

Dance pro Jenna Johnson, eliminated in week 2, will be steppin’ in for her — but she and James will have to scramble to get on the same page for Monday’s broadcast.”

On Monday’s presentation on Vote for the Girls (video above), host and webmaster Ava Zinn announced read Sharna’s tweets….

Ava Zinn then delivered the news to Marti, “I’m sorry to say it, Marti. But Jenna Johnson is supported by your opponent (Ann & Kylie) on the Pink Team West.” Zinn informed McDaniel she was disqualified for the remainder of the fall cycle  and her remaining VFTG picks are flexed out.

Marti McDaniel became the fourth moderator or villain to be disqualified after Bill Delagatto, Thia & Natasha, and Clark Jones for violating the moderator’s rules.

As a result of Marti McDaniel’s disqualification, there were some changes to the following VFTG Picks as follows:

On Dancing with the Stars 23:

  • James Hinchcliffe & JENNA JOHNSON (filling in for Sharna Burgess) was moved from Marti McDaniel to Ann & Kylie since Ann & Kylie chose Jake T Austin & Jenna Johnson.
  • Terra Jole & Sasha Farber, originally chosen by Thia & Natasha (which was flexed to Marti McDaniel after the disqualifications of Clark Jones and Thia & Natasha upon Emma Slater being engaged to Sasha Farber) was flexed to Jenny & Tulissa after the elimination of Maureen and Artem.

And on The Voice 11:

  • Christian Cuevas, originally chosen by Clark Jones was initially flexed to Donna & Tim Doogan then cross-flexed to Marti McDaniel, was cross-flexed again to Peta-Alyce & Nadia upon Nadia Lorenzo’s move from the pink to the purple team.
  • Aaron Gibson, originally chosen by Clark Jones was initially flexed to Marti McDaniel, was cross-flexed to Peta-Alyce & Nadia.
  • Josh Gallagher, originally chosen by Steve Baker, was initially flexed to Marti McDaniel, was cross-flexed to Peta-Alyce & Nadia, resulting in Steven Baker no longer having any remaining Zinn’s Villains picks.
  • Sa’Rayah, originally chosen by Kathi & Karly Jameosn, was initially flexed to Archibald Coolranch, was flexed again to Tracia & Hillary Matthewson, resulting in Archibald Coolranch no longer having any remaining Zinn’s Villains picks.
  • Sundance Head, originally chosen by Clark Jones, was initially flexed to Ava & Kymberly, was initially cross-flexed to Nadia Lorenzo before moving to the Purple Team.
  • Courtney Harrell was cross-flexed from Jenny & Tulissa to Sophia & Maci, resulting in Jenny & Tulissa no longer having any remaining VFTG picks.
  • Darby Walker, originally chosen by Thia & Natasha, was cross-flexed to Breeanna Soensen following Thia & Natasha’s disqualification.
  • Josh Halverson, originally chosen by Clark Jones, was initially flexed to Rachael Passalt, was cross-flexed to Ann & Kylie, resulting in Rachael Passalt having no remaining VFTG Picks.
  • Belle Jewel was cross-flexed from Ava & Kymberly to Ann & Kylie.
  • Josette Diaz was flexed from Peta-Alyce Kaizer to Phil Allen.
  • Billy Gillman was flexed from Phil Allen to Sophia & Maci.
  • Riley Elmore was flexed from Glenn Swaringen to Kathi & Karly
  • Gabe Broussard was cross-flexed from Clark Jones to Glenn Swaringen.
  • Jason Warrior, originally chosen by Luka Runecraft, was initially flexed to Kathi & Karly, resulting in Luka Runecraft no longer having any remaining Zinn’s Villains picks. Jason Warrior was then cross-flexed from Kathi & Karly to Tracia & Hillary, resulting in Kathi & Karly no longer having any remaining VFTG picks.
  • With the elimination of Preston James, Ted Shields no longer have any remaining Zinn’s Villains picks.
  • With the elimination of Lauren Diaz, Ava & Kymberly no longer has any remaining VFTG picks, and therefore ending their two season moderator winning streak on The Voice.
  • With the elimination of Michael Sanchez (no relation to Kye Sanchez), Kye Sanchez no longer have any remaining Zinn’s Villains picks. In addition, the elimination of Michael Sanchez resulted in a Vote for the Girls Victory due to the 10 males being flex picks in addition to the 10 females the moderators on the Pink and Purple teams chose.
  • With the elimination of Josette Diaz, Phil Allen no longer has any remaining Zinn’s Villains Picks.

Sophia Williams: Canadian Moderators on Vote for the Girls USA

To all our fans in Canada,

I’m pleased to announced that I am the very first Vote for the Girls USA to have come from Canada. I had known for quite some time that there are quite a bit of fans of this web site from parts of Canada, like Buffalo (NY), Fargo (ND), Seattle (WA), Burlington (VT), etc.

You may have noticed that at the start of the season 8 episodes, you saw the Canadian TV rating, in addition to the United States, Australia, and United Kingdom at the upper left hand corner of the screen. This was something Ava (Zinn) had to change because I’m from Montreal, Quebec in Canada.

The webmaster — AVA ZINN — is actively in the process of expanding our web site test site into compliance with all Canadian online privacy laws and as soon as all issues have been addressed, Ava will plan expand to the Canadian television markets with a focus on Canada.

You’ll hear more about this from Ava, and I hope that when the time comes, you’ll try out to become a Vote for the Girls panelist like myself and Perri Johnson. Stay tuned.

– Sophia Williams, Pink Team East Moderator

VFTG Loss: So You Think You Can Dance 13

Vote for the Girls changes the make-up competition rules with “MODERATOR’s CHALLENGE”

Nobody loves snafus more than our admin Ava Zinn. But Ms. Zinn decided to provide some sparks by making a game changer. Previous changes included the Moderators’ Save and Flex Picking.

At the start of the eight season premiere of VFTG, Zinn, who is also the host and executive producer introduced a new wrinkle to “VFTG’s” eighth season: “the Moderator’s Challenge.”

The Moderator’s Challenge is a brand new review system (similar to the NFL’s Coach’s Challenge) is adopted similar to the instant replay.
In each regular and make-up competition, each moderator on the pink and purple team and villain on the red and blue team has two challenges per cycle that will start a review. Each challenge will require the use of a moderator or villain’s flex pick. If the challenge is successful, the flex pick is restored, otherwise the flex pick is used. However, the challenging moderator gets $5,000 to keep regardless of the outcome.

All VFTG pick reviews are be conducted by Zinn  on a stage-level monitor. A decision will be reversed only when there is indisputable visual and audible evidence to overturn the call.

The Moderator’s Challenge will only cover the following situations:

  • Current VFTG or Zinn’s Villains picks that previously won a competition (Mannepat Molloy Rule, after Maneepat’s appearance on Rising Star after winning the first season of Thailand’s Got Talent in 2011. Thia Tola was the winning moderator when she was a moderator of the Thailand version of VFTG and imported Maneepat’s TGT victory to the United States in 2015.)
  • Decision in regard to an “Alex & Sierra” pick.
  • Reinstatement of a previously eliminated contestant

Ava Zinn, along with the NoSirGifts executives and legal team, has 48 hours to watch the instant replay of the play and decide if the original call was correct. The producers, legal team, and Zinn must see “incontrovertible visual evidence” for a call to be overturned. If the challenge fails, the original ruling stands and the challenging moderator or villain is penalized by losing a flex pick. If the challenge overrules the previous call, the call is reversed; should there have been an official change of outcome, the outcome will be changed again, resulting in the original outcome and with no loss of a flex pick.

It certainly would appear that the Moderator’s Challenge is, in fact, righting a wrong.

Yet Zinn contested that idea.

“The whole point of Vote for the Girls is that America votes for female contestants they want to save,” she said in a 2013 interview. “If someone happens to be at the last female contestant in the competition and we think she deserves to win, we’re going to vote for them obviously regardless for a shot at the finale and vote off the males.” In a 2015 interview though, Zinn said, “with the addition of Flex picks allowing male contestants to be VFTG picks, the mission of Vote for the Girls is clear. If one moderator has both her VFTG pick and her flex pick in the Top 2, obviously that’s a winning moderator and a Double Victory.”

In years past, there have been “VFTG” losses when VFTG picks who were perceived to be popular went home well before the finale, finished in second place or worse. Crystal Bowersox, Pia Toscano, Rachel Crow, Bridget Carrington, Jennel Garcia, Carly Rose Sonenclar, Angie Miller, Judith Hill, Sarah Simmons, Holly Henry, Ellona Santiago, the late Christina Grimmie, Clarissa Serna, Peyton Parker, were just a few glimpsed in a montage of “Robbed” contestants in the seven years Vote for the Girls has been on the air. Toscano, Bridget Carrington, and Jessica Sanchez were glimpsed in airings of “Classic Vote for the Girls.”

“There was an uproar when they left the competition,” Holly Everman said.

It’s worth noting, however, that the Moderators’ Challenge, had it been in operation in earlier seasons, would not have saved Bridget Carrington (who came in fourth place on “Duets” in July 2012), Pia Toscano (who came in ninth place on American Idol 10 in April 2011),  Angie Miller n/k/a Zealyn (who came in third place on American Idol 12 in May 2013), Holly Henry (who lost her knockout to a villian’s pick on The Voice 5 in November 2013), Clarissa Serna (who also lost her knockout to Dani Moz on The Voice 6 in April 2014) or Peyton Parker (who lost her knockout to The Voice 10 runner-up Adam Wakefield).

Clearly this is another season of change on “Vote for the Girls USA.” The moderator and villain realignment and allowing only two female moderators to have picks on “America’s Got Talent” and two villains to have picks on “Dancing with the Stars” (shown in the video) along with the addition of Tim Doogan (the first male on the moderator panel with his wife Donna Doogan) produced a development has only made Vote for the Girls seem more tedious and repetitive.

Will the Moderator’s Challenge and the other changes be enough to save “Vote for the Girls” from declining support/ratings and Ava Zinn from an overall feeling of fatigue? Who knows.

Congratulations, Tavon!

Double VFTG Victory: America’s Got Talent 11 (First Winning Villain)

Double VFTG Victory

What an amazing season of America’s Got Talent! A historic moment in Vote for the Girls history.

After seven seasons of Vote for the Girls, a Zinn’s Villain (YES! I said this right, a male moderator) chose Grace VanderWall as his Vote for the Girls Pick.

First some highlights:

Tape Face  (Team Luka Runecraft) and Sal Valentinetti (Team Phil Allen) step forward.

The moderator/villain in seventh place is… Luka Runecraft

Linkin Bridge (Team Holly & Perri) and Jon Dorenbos (Team Clark Jones) step forward..

The Moderator in sixth place is… Holly Everman and Perri Johnson. This season, only two female moderators were allowed to take part in America’s Got Talent.

Next is Grace VanderWall (Team Tavon Savage, yours truly) and Sofie Dossi (Team Kye Sanchez).

Kye Sanchez still has a shot with Brian Crum as Sofie is eliminated.

Then Viktor Kee (Team Clark Jones) and The Clairvoyants (Team Phil Allen) is next.

The moderator in fifth place is…. going to be decided in the next result. Becasue Phil now has two picks (The Clairvoyants and Sal Valentinetti) in the Top 5 while Clark still has Jon Dorbenos. Viktor Kee is eliminated

And Lastly, Romania’s Got Talent 6 winner Laura Bretan (Team Kathi & Karly) and Brian Crum (Team Kye Sanchez) take the stage. One moves on, the other will finish as the fifth place moderator.

We knew Kathi & Karly are already an imported winning moderator, but Laura Bretan comes up short and Kathi & Karly finish as the fifth place moderator. Brian is in the Top 5!

And more results… (video above)

The video courtesy of MJ’s Big Blog speaks for itself. As Sal, Brian, and Jon were declared the respective fifth, fourth and third place acts on AGT11, Ava Zinn said, “For the first time, we will have a male victor on VFTG! Gentlemen (to me and Phil), one of you is the winning villain. Let’s find out who that is.”

“The winning moderator of America’s Got Talent 11.


We finally did it, VFTGers, a first in Vote for the Girls. Grace is the first America’s Got Talent Victory on this web site and we say thank you for voting for her to the winner’s circle and breaking the “Bianca Ryan Curse” after ten years!!!!

So that means, yours truly, Tavon Savage, now joins VFTG Winning Moderators Ava & Kymberly, Robyn Hurd (1961-2012), Holly Everman, Kellie Rock (1964-2016), Kendra Ray, Thia Tola, Lanise White, Kathi & Karly, and Nadia Lorenzo and officially VFTG’s first Zinn’s Villain Victory.

BTW, I want to mention that if Nadia Lorenzo doesn’t nominate Tate McRae to be in the VFTG Hall of Fame after finishing third on Monday, I will nominate her. It is only a matter of time to convince Ava to reverse the VFTG Loss on SYTYCD 13 if Nadia doesn’t because I remember seeing and overhearing Nadia talking to Thia (Tola) & Natasha (Gower) saying, “I promise I’ll make it up to you if Terra Jole & Sasha don’t win DWTS 23”. Sorry, Nadia, you just got beat to the punch because at the start of the season, Ava told all of the moderators and villains, “Anytime a female contestant wins a show like “Idol”, the winning moderator will from now on, nominate a second VFTG pick to be inducted into the VFTG Hall of Fame.

I chose Tate McRae to be inducted in the VFTG Hall of Fame because Kida was flexed from Bill to Lanise and then to Nadia. So I did Nadia Lorenzo a big favor before Grace VanderWall was declared the winner and I’m positive Ava Zinn will agree with my nomination.



VFTG Loss: So You Think You Can Dance 13

America voted Kida Burns as the winner of SYTYCD with J. T.  Church coming in second.

Unfortunately, that is a loss since Tate McRae finished third and Emma Hellenkamp finished fourth.

Webmaster and VFTG Host Ava Zinn said, “Had this been six years ago, the competition would be over with a loss.”

After Tate finished third, and after the winner was announced, we took a vote on whether to use the Moderators’s Save to decline Tate’s defeat, Breeanna, Rachael,  and Peta voted no.

When asked about the decision, I said, “Ava, We are not using our Moderator’s Save on Tate. We are not unanimous and it breaks our hearts. I’m so sorry.”

So with that, this is the first time on Vote for the Girls we’ve declared a Loss. So that means the following moderators face a Punishement for VFTG Loss: Kendra Ray, Breeanna Sorensen, Ann Dwyar, Kylie Dwyar, Donna Doogan, Marti McDaniel, Rachael Passalt, Thia Tola, Tracia Matthewson, Hillary Matthewson, Sophia Williams, Maci Blanca, Peta-Alyce Kaizer, Jenny Riva, Tulissa Kümmert, Holly Everman, and Perri Johnson will, as their punishment is not shaving their legs until December 1 (Leg Beards for Breast Cancer and No Shave November) plus they will be cleaning the set and the stage as well as Ava’s home in Marion.


Why Jena Asciutto’s ‘Idol’ Streak Is Nearly Impossible To Beat on VFTG

It started innocently enough. Jena Irene Asciutto, then a high school senior near Detroit, perofmed Adelle’s “Rolling in the Deep” as her audition song on the thirteenth season of American Idol. Asciutto, who was selected as a wild card just to make the Top 13 after not getting enough votes to make the Top 5 girls, clenched her teeth nervously — and then exhaled once the American Idol judges confirmed that she was advancing to the Top 13. Instead of being elaminated after the judges chose her as one of the three wild cards to complete Top 13, Jena remained a Vote for the Girls pick for the second week in a row.

She’d do it 12 more weeks after that, the most ever.

For those three months in 2014, Ms. Asciutto put together an unassailable streak unlike any other Vote for the Girls pick on American Idol. The nature of forecasting is that something unexpected is bound to happen one of these days. But after going through the databases — yes, there are several — and seeing former performances and results of VFTG picks, I can say this: It’d be a near-miracle if somebody beat Asciutto’s streak. Here’s why.

Jena is a unique flower

If you were to design a long-term Vote for the Girls pick, she would probably be a lot like Asciutto: someone who is not only incredible at performing songs and Top 40 hits but also has the stamina to make it through a grueling schedule and can wrap up a competition before it even reaches the finale.

Nick Fradiani, whose 13-week streak on American Idol 14 in 2015 is second to Asciutto’s, pointed to a cluster VFTG picks (both male and female) that have won their competitions, and while we belive Fradiani was reluctant to hypothesize reasons for the cluster, it should be noted that most of those finale participants hadn’t become a front-runner.

And she was more dominant than most other Vote for the Girls picks, such as Lauren Aliana on American Idol 10 in 2011 (who had the longest VFTG streak before it was broken by both Asciutto and fellow VFTG pick Jessica Meuse). Coincidentally, Meuse had five times the pre-exposure mainly on account of the drama surrounding her group. According to IdolAnalytics, this kind of pre-exposure doesn’t always cut in the person’s favor and didn’t translate into a lot of votes. Ascuitto on the other hand, was the only woman on American Idol 13 that did not have her audition shown. Meuse currently ties with Nick Fradiani as the second longest VFTG pick.

The VFTG pick pool has gotten bigger

For Asciutto to become a Vote for the Girls pick, she had to audition for American Idol and pass the prodders’ auditions in order to audition in front of the judges. After Ava Zinn (by the way, Zinn is the only Vote for the Girls moderator to have ever tried out for the show) herself auditioned for American Idol in Pittsburgh in July 2011, as well as going undercover as a journalist to expose the show’s gender bias against female contestants (the same females chosen as VFTG picks since 2010) that led to Pia Toscano’s elimination on April 7, 2011 and Jessica Sanchez being saved from elimination during that season.

Since 2012, though, the entire female moderator panelists on the pink and purple team watch the auditions as they air live as scheduled in order to make her VFTG picks to become the winning moderator while prior to adding Flex Picks in 2015, make their selections to who their Vote for the Worst picks (it has since been renamed Zinn’s Villains picks as of 2015). With a big barrier to entry lowered when the female moderators chose flex picks, VFTG picks were up.

One possible consequence of both Zinn’s audition and Asciutto’s auditions was the fact that nearly all of the Vote for the Worst/Zinn’s Villains picks were men, meaning that in order for a Vote for the Girls victory to happen, Asciutto must have the most votes to be declared the winner of American Idol 13 and/or encourage you to simply vote only for the female contestants regardless of any criticism of any kind until flex picks were added the following season, and therefore Zinn becoming the winning moderator had Asciutto won. Asciutto was the runner up and therefore a Vote for the Girls loss at the time–the loss has since been reversed to to a Moderator’s Save (an element that was introduced four months after Asciutto’s loss used to decline a Vote for the Girls loss with the moderator panel being unanimous).

Since Asciutto’s defat and the late Christina Grimmie’s third place finish on “The Voice”, only five of the overall VFTG victories have been men and four of those were flex picks chosen by Zinn and Kymberly Alvaraz. In the season before Asciutto’s streak, there were four overall VFTG victories from SYTYCD, three from DWTS (before this added the show as a built-in make-up competition the season after Asciutto’s streak), two on The Voice, one a piece on Idol and X Factor, and the winning moderator on The X Factor USA 1 and American Idol 12 were on the pink team–Melanie Amaro was chosen by the late Robyn Hurd and Candice Glover was chosen by Holly Everman.

With a bigger, higher-quality VFTG pick pool, long streaks are that much harder to sustain.

Asciutto got lucky

But before we get carried away with Asciutto’s dominance, let’s talk about Lauren Froderman. Froderman — the winner of So You Think You Can Dance 7 and the first official overall VFTG Victory, before male contestants were allowed as Vote for the Girls picks — who like Asciutto have been in the bottom two or three only once and unlike Asciutto, has won as the very first VFTG Victory. While we don’t know how Froderman would hold up over months of competition, we do know that Asciutto is lucky she didn’t run into someone of Froderman’s performance skill level during her streak.

But a little bit of analysis suggests that Asciutto also got lucky against her actual competitors. Despite her dominance during the thirteenth season of ‘Idol’ — remember, she,  like Clay Aiken from American Idol 2 were wild cards that had led the voting from The Top 11 until the finale — Asciutto landed in the bottom three only once.

So what if we were able to set up some sort of scenario in which Ascutto could reappear as a Vote for the Girls pick as a different person in appearance only? Experience says “It would have a nice long streak. But 14 weeks? Absolutely not.”

Marilu Henner

MODERATOR’s CHALLENGE: Marilu Henner & Derek Hough


After a further review of Clark Jones’ flex pick of Vanilla Ice & Witney Carson, it is confirmed that Vanilla Ice has two origins – Dallas and Miami. Therefore Donna Doogan officially has a DWTS pick — Vanilla Ice and Witney Carson.  We just learned that we are responsible for posting our picks on all competitions.


As the thirteenth season of So You Think You Can Dance comes to a close Monday and twenty third season of Dancing with the Stars starts, the moderators and for the first time ever on Vote for the Girls, only two villains (one from the red team and one from the blue team) are allowed to participate and make the picks.

Six of the DWTS pros come from the state of Utah… Specifically, the Salt Lake City market as well as nearby Denver, Colorado (the hometown of Kymberly Alvaraz). This time around, Ava Zinn and Kymberly Alvaraz, as they basically DOMINATED all of DWTS 21, The Voice 9 and 10, American Idol 15 (all of them are Double VFTG Victories since the Final Two were not only a Male Flex Pick and a Vote for the Girls pick, they were also chosen by Ava & Kymberly), they got a huge advantage (they did not have to participate in So You Think You Can Dance 13 in addition to DWTS 23 and 24). Ava & Kymberly also got to pick two of our fellow pink team moderators as what I may call a fast pass. We understand why Ava & Kymberly did not choose us as one of their “fast passes” and an opposing purple team moderator decided to challenge us.

Ava & Kymberly chose Nadia Lorenzo after Ava said, “I’m picking Nadia because I believe Kida Burns will likely win SYTYCD”. Let’s hope Ava’s prediction is right come 10:00 PM EDT Monday. The second pick came from Kymberly stating to us, “Ann and Kylie, Ava & I can’t save you and we’ve already flexed out Robert (Vanilla Ice) & Witney (Carson) to Clark. It really is heartbreaking but the pink team moderator that we are giving the second fast pass to and my gut instinct is telling me to go with Holly (Everman) & Perri (Johnson).”

Next was Kathi & Karly Jameson, thanks to a moderator’s challenge that cost Bill Delagatto his season, Kathi & Karly (already the second imported winning moderator with Laura Bretan) by default, also got an advantage by also not participating in DWTS 23 (and potentially DWTS 24 should Linkin’ Bridge or Laura Bretan win America’s Got Talent). Aside from swapping hairstyles with Kathi going from curly to straight hair and Karly pulling a “Lauren Brill” (you’ll know where we’re going with this until you search Lauren Brill or if you followed Ava on Twitter…)–We must say, Karly, if you’re reading this I applaud you, Tracia, Holly, and Ms. Brill for doing something no other news anchorwoman has ever done, in fact we just learned that as of January 4, 2017, NoSirGifts is lifting its decades old hairstyle ban for females and trans-females as long as it is a natural color (blond, brunette, redhead, etc.)–Karly decided to choose Tracia & Hillary Matthewson as their wedding gift (We agree with that decision).

And lastly, the first black female winning moderator–Lanise White, just hours before she went into labor, as her reward for being the winning moderator of DWTS22, Lanise said, “it’s a no brainier. I feel bad for this transwoman that moved to the pink team. (to Kendra Ray) You know who you are.”

Then the moderator’s challenge wheel decider chooses Donna Doogan, after Ava asks her, “Donna, is there any VFTG or Villain pick you want to challenge. I’ll give you $5,000 win or lose but risking a flex pick by doing so.” Donna tells Ava, “Jake and Jenna because I don’t like my pick of Marilu and Derek.” Ava reviews the pick and it doesn’t look good for Donna. “Donna, after a review of the pick, I can say congratulations,” says Ava before Donna replies, “Yes.” But Ava interrupts Donna by congratulating us continuing, “Ann & Kylie, Marilu & Derek is yours as well as Jake & Jenna.” That left Donna with no picks before Ava told her, “You lost the moderator’s challenge and a flex pick — what that means for you is that you now have no DWTS picks. The moderators rules state — and these are rules we’ve had since the site began in 2010 in addition of DWTS in 2014, and I’m quoting from NoSirGifts boss Jackson Steele — in the instance of one moderator with no DWTS picks and is required to participate in the make-up and is not chosen to be saved by the winning moderator and/or in the instance of illness or other health-related matters affecting a moderator’s ability to participate during the fall or spring cycle, that particular moderator must be disqualified for the remainder of the season. Your season, Donna, could end if Tate McRae wins SYTYCD13 (or even perhaps if both Tate McRae and Emma Hellenkamp are both winner and runner-up,)