Luka Runecraft named new “VFTG USA” Male Moderator

Runecraft’s First Official Competition Will Be Tuesday, December 15

After an extensive search to find a new male moderator, VOTE FOR THE GIRLS has named Luka Runecraft as the YouTube show’s new male moderator and his first airdate will be Tuesday, December 15. Richardson, who was most recently the weatherman at WWJD-FTV, CBS-4 in Detroit, is the YouTube show’s newest transmale moderator on the Red Team with Clark Jones. Leonard Lai was the male moderator from December 2013 until his death in October.

“After auditioning and trying out three male moderators on the air in recent weeks, we have selected Luka who seems to fit our show and site splendidly,” said Ava Zinn, the YouTube show’s host and executive producer and VFTG USA Webmaster and Founder. “We think he will follow in the tradition of Leonard and Clark, the guys Archie and Larry, and the main moderator panelists.”

Runecraft says that his career inspiration came from listening to Phil Donahue while watching during the late 70s and early 80s. Since then, Runecraft has been associated with NoSirGifts for 6 of his 15 years on the air, most notably a 5-year stint with then-Fox affiliate WTOR-FTV Fort Wayne as Lillith Runecraft. Runecraft also worked for the NoSirGifts group in Green Bay, Wisconsin. He has won four Addy awards for his work in television production.
Vote for the Girls USA was started in May 2010 as a campaign by Aeverine “Ava” Zinn to support voting for Crystal Bowersox following the elimination of Siobhan Magnus. Vote for the Girls is dedicated to supporting all of the female contestants who the producers would love to see win on American Idol, The Voice, Rising Star, and The X Factor. Fans vote en masse for the female contestant(s) that the moderators feel provides the most entertaining performances that go in favor (or on occasion against) what the producers want in a winner and that annoy the voting public.


VFTG USA Moderator Holly Everman welcomes 2nd child

Vote for the Girls pink team moderator Holly Everman welcomed her second child over the weekend.

new baby

Ellie Kree Everman was born Sunday, weighing in at 7 pounds. She was 18 inches long.

Everman was one of two pregnant women on VFTG USA. Her pregnancy was announced on May 26, 2015.

Ellie and Holly were both doing well after the delivery.

Perri Johnson, Everman’s transgendered girlfriend, called in to VFTG Monday morning.  Ellie is the second child of Everman but the fourth for Johnson. Everman has son Aiden from a previous marriage with Veronica Willis while Johnson has three children from her previous marriage to Mick Sill–sons Erik and Heath and daughter Adelle.

Also, VFTG USA purple team moderator Kymberly Alvaraz announced on Twitter last week that  she is the second member of the VFTG Moderator Panel to announce she’s expecting a grandchild.

Tracia Ward, Karly Jameson, Gina Passalt, and Stephani Alvaraz are each 13 weeks apart as far as their due dates are concerned. The former  two also announced their pregnancies within the past two months.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Gina Passalt is the daughter of VFTG USA Purple Team Moderator Julia Passalt and Stephani Alvaraz is the daughter of VFTG USA Purple Team Moderator Kymberly Alvaraz.

“My daughter, Stephani,  was actually a month pregnant when Julia’s daughter (Gina) made her surprise announcement. I was in shock. I was so incredibly happy for Julia and at the same time I wanted to scream, ‘Me too!’ and give her a huge hug,” said Kymberly.

In an industry where ever-changing schedules are the norm, Tracia and Karly often wondered if children were in the cards for her. But, once Tracia met her fiancé, Hillary Matthewson, she knew she wanted to try despite the fact Hillary is a transgendered woman.

“Hillary is just so full of life and laughter. I’ve never had so much fun in my life. She has this way of making everyone fall in love with her so quickly with her humor, charm and sincerity. I knew immediately, this woman has to be a father!” said Tracia.

About a week ago, Tracia pulled VFTG USA moderators one by one into a room. They thought they were answering the question, “What is one big highlight of your life?” Instead, Tracia dropped the news and caught their candid reactions.

As you would expect, VFTG USA host Ava Zinn had the most animated response.

“Holy (bleep), You’re (bleep) kidding me!” she yelled.

Lanise White stared silently for seconds as the wheels turned trying to figure out who could be the second pregnant woman on the moderator panel.

Kendra Ray, Thia Tola and Kellie Rock each had wonderful reactions of their own. After the initial shock wore off each of them, of course, gave Tracia and Karly a big hug and congratulations.

Zinn said this is a first for her, “In 25 years I’ve been in the public eye. I only remember one time (back in 1999) that four women in the building at the same time being pregnant, yet do not ever remember two women on the same show.”

Tracia, Hillary, Kathi, and Karly say they are excited to find out exactly what they’re expecting at the 20-week checkup coming up very soon. Girl or boy, these four say they have never been more excited (and scared) in their entire lives.

By the way, Holly Everman and Perri Johnson will be back on VFTG USA in January 2016 in time for the final season of American Idol with new moderator, Kathy Roberts from Milwaukee, and returning moderators Kathi Jameson and Karly Jameson as well as Hillary Matthewson.


Bindi Irwin is the FEMALE WINNER of #DWTS21, Mark Eliminated on #TheVoice

Already five shows into the seventh season of Vote for the Girls and already we saw a lot of fireworks… We almost saw Bindi Irwin get eliminated from DWTS.

However, this is probably one of the most memorable moments (if not the most) in this site’s history. With the unexpected withdraw of Tamar Braxton, this left Bindi Irwin as the lone female celebrity on the 21st season of DWTS (and she needs your votes no matter what).

Kymberly Alvaraz pulling a Brandi Chastain!

Tamar Braxton’s departure has resulted Julia Passalt’s remaining pick of Nick Carter being flexed to Ava Zinn & Kymberly Alvaraz, effectively sealing the the first Double VFTG Victory for Ava & Kymberly. Also, this is will be a crossover post to the final episode of the Vote for the Girls franchise in Australia.

Meanwhile, on The Voice, Korin Bukowski and Mark Hood landed in the bottom two with Mark being eliminated. However, there was three Vote for the Worst picks, but a technical glitch during the blind auditions on September 28, 2015 inadvertently registered a Vote for the Worst pick instead of a Flex Pick. Ava Zinn addressed the issue before The Voice 9 Top 12 Result.

We still encourage you to vote for Bindi on Monday, November 23, 2015 in the event should she make the DWTS21 Finale and play “Screwed the Pooch” to Nick, Carlos, and Alek as well as win it all for not only her fans in the United States, but also Australia since she’s now in the VFTG USA Hall of Fame and in the VFTG AUSTRALIA Hall of fame as well.

Bindi Irwin must win it all for Australia and America. And we can’t take this voting lightly – we’ve seen it happen in seasons past in the regular seasons and on one occasion and delivered  the first VFTG Loss of 2014. Dial 1-855-234-5604, vote online at ABC.com/dwts, and Facebook.

For fans living in Australia, you can also vote during the West coast time zone (8PM -11 PM PST) if you have an account through Skype. You can also download the Skype app on your smartphone and vote that way. This is how International fans are voting. International VFTGers can also use TunnelBear  MagicJack, NetTalk, and Vonage to vote if you have any of those at home.


Alexa PenaVega Eliminated, Ellie Reinstated


We almost saw Tamar Braxton withdraw from DWTS tonight, but luckily for me–as the winning moderator of Dancing with the Stars 20 with Rumer & Val, I didn’t have to particpate in the highly emotional season of the 21st season of DWTS. Sadly, it was Alexa & Mark that left tonight while Carlos & Witney survived the elimination.

A couple of weeks ago, with the elimination of Hayes Grier, Lanise White no longer has any DWTS picks remaining, and it is projected that the fall cycle is over for Lanise.

Ellie Lawrence

Ellie Lawrence

BTW, At the time of this post, Team Adam’s Jordan Smith, the flex pick chosen by Ava & Kymberly, is in the Top 10 of the iTunes charts while my pick, Amy Vachal on Team Adam is at #59, Ava & Kymberly’s picks of  Ellie Lawrence of Team Gwen and Shelby Brown are respectively at #72 and #128.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Jordan, Shelby, and Amy advanced on Team Adam and on Team Gwen Ellie and another Vote for the Worst pick (that will be revealed at the end of the competition)


The Voice 9 Live Shows – What you need to know.

Five Flex picks and nine VFTG picks are in The Voice Top 20

Five Flex picks and nine VFTG picks are in The Voice Top 20

The Voice 9 live shows start at 8 PM Eastern Monday November 9 and Tuesday November 10 with the results Wednesday November 11 at 8 PM Eastern

The live shows will then continue every Monday and Tuesday nights at 8 PM until December 15.

Who are the Vote for the Vote for the Worst Picks?

The moderators’ Vote for the Worst picks will be revealed at 11:35 PM Eastern on December 15 (or until all male contestants are eliminated).

In the meantime, the moderator panel made their Vote for the Girls picks and there are a few flex picks on The Voice 9.


Leonard Lai dies in Car Accident

Leonard Lai (1969-2015)

Leonard Lai, male moderator of Vote for the Girls since 2013, has died at age 45 after succumbing to injuries he sustained in a two car accident near Indianapolis, two sources of Vote for the Girls USA has confirmed.

According to a press release sent from the Speedway (Indiana) Police Department to WIFX-FTV, police received a call of a two vehicle accident by a vehicle at about 1:30 p.m. Monday. “The driver of the other vehicle contacted 911 to request assistance,” the press release states. “Leonard (Lai) McClannahan was pronounced dead at Eskanazi Medical Center at 1:59 p.m. E.D.T.”

“Preliminary information indicates that Lai was northbound on Interstate 465 when an SUV struck Leonard’s Ford Taurus,” the release continues. Though the investigation is ongoing, the release states that the other driver “was determined to be not at fault and there are no charges pending.”

Lai was an apprentice of Vote for the Worst’s Dave Della Terza. Lai is survived by his husband and children. November 18, 2015 would have been his 46th birthday.

Fellow Male Moderators Archibald Coolranch, Larry H., and Clark Jones issued a joint statment Tuesday:

“We are devastated by the loss of Leonard (Lai) McClannahan. Because of the enormous support of Leonard’s fans in Terre Haute and his love for the Wabash Valley, Leonard was in the process of working on a new show called “Vote for the Girls Kids” with Ava Zinn and Kymberly Alvaraz. Leonard continuously embodied the pioneering spirit of the Male Moderator Panel and his undeniable creativity touched the hearts of fans of male vocalists everywhere. Leonard was a mother (as a man) of three children, a husband to Daniel, anchor and friend. We ask for your prayers at this time for Leonard’s family. He will forever be missed and his global influence eternally felt. We thank God for the experiences we shared.”

Twitter has also been teeming with tributes to Leonard .

“Very saddened to hear about Leonard Lai. Thoughts and prayers are with his husband Daniel McClanahan and Leonard’s family. , tweeted Kymberly Alvaraz of Team Ava & Kymberly.

ORIGINAL STORY (10/26/2015):

It is our very sad duty to post tonight that our friend, Leonard Lai, male moderator of this web site (Vote for the Girls) has died at 45 years of age.

Leonard had just returnd from a family trip to Colorado with his husband, Daniel McClannahan and his children (daughters Louisa and Janell and son Evan) celebrating the Louisa’s freshman year in college at the University of Colorado in Boulder.

Leonard Lai, was a former colleague I worked with in Terre Haute and he has been a very familiar face since 1995 to the Wabash Valley and the Male Moderator Panel.

Leonard was born Stephanie Lai in Evansville, Indiana on November 18, 1969 and raised in Terre Haute. He transitioned from a female to male in 1995.

This was one of the most important years in Leonard’s life for many reasons. He loved the sixth season of The Voice and the fourteenth season of American Idol. He worked to the point of exhaustion for many weeks, not just for the male moderator crew on Vote for the Girls, and with me over the past several years.

Leonard was a child of Evansville and the roots of which he was raised for all his success. He was always in touch with the ethos of the Evansville and Terre Haute communities. Just last weekend Leonard was back in Evansville moving his mother from her home to another facility. Leonard’s mother, Jane Stella, now in her early 80’s, and our hearts go out to her and all members of Leonard’s family.

Leonard loved his family, his faith, his home state of Indiana, male vocalists. He loved the Indiana Pacers, the Saint Louis Cardinals, and the Cincinnati Bengals.

We will have more information as it becomes available.

To repeat, our friend and colleague, Leonard Lai, died Monday afternoon from injuries he sustained from a car accident while on his way to the Vote for the Girls set. I think I can invoke my personal privilege that the F2M and transgender communities will not be the same and he will be missed as he was loved greatly.

It’s hard to imagine the male moderatror panel  without Leonard.

This is a tough time for us, but each of us has a “Leonard” pick that we will hang on to.

To Leonard’s husband and children and parents and siblings, we grieve with you. You are in our prayers and we are thankful to have had Leonard in this family.

We will all miss him.



Ava’s Virginity Auction: REVEALED

Last year, Ava Zinn announced on her YouTube page that she was auctioning off her virginity to the highest female bidder. It was the biggest announcement in VFTG’s history. Since that announcement, I, Kymberly Alvaraz, became the Successful bidder of that virginity auction and Ava made a half-million dollar deal involving a long-term relationship (that Ava announced on November 29, 2014).

Throughout last season’s spring cycle, (you saw this in the VFTG season 6 finale) Ava unleashed a torrent of threats and expletives to motivate the purple team. One important portion that shocked the purple team was the fact I bought out the virginity of Ava Zinn’s and became the first to actually pay Ava for the long-term relationship rights. (Another moderator, Perri Johnson, also paid $250,000 for long-term relationship rights).

Nonetheless, Ava’s Virginity Auction and Holly’s “F2M punishment” last year lead to some changes in VFTG.

Stay tuned, VFTGers.


New opening sequence

Samantha Jade’s “What You’ve Done to Me” is out as the VFTG primary theme. But it is still used in the teasers and as bumper cue.

In its place is an opening sequence very similar to the ABC soap “One Life To Live” specially from 1984 to 1991.

The opening sequences in this montage are set in each moderator’s home market. In this set are four opens from the Tour of Indianapolis (which is a shared market with moderators Ava Zinn and Holly Everman)

For those who want to folow along with the opening sequences here are the faces that appear in each open:

1st Open (Kendra and the Famous):
Kendra Ray
Ava Zinn
Kymberly Alvaraz
Perri Johnson
Holly Everman
Kellie Rock

Rumer Willis (DWTS 20 Winner/Female Victory)
Alfonso Ribeiro (DWTS 19 Winner)
Emily West (AGT 9 Runner-Up)
Maneepat Molloy (Rising Star Semi-Finalist/Thailand’s Got Talent Winner)
Sasha Allen (TVUSA 4 Semi-Finalist)

Sarina-Joi Crowe (AI14)
Kelli Glover (AI1 and AGT9)
Rachel Potter (XFUSA3)
Pia Toscano (AI10)
Sarah Darling (Rising Star)
Amber Carrington (TVUSA 4 Semi-Finalist)
Christina Grimmie (TVUSA 6 3rd Place/Female Victory)
Angie Miller (AI12 3rd Place)
Maddie Walker (AI14)

Thia Tola
Kathi Jameson
Lanise White
Kathy Roberts
Julia Passalt
Tracia Ward

2nd Open (Ava and the Victories):
Ava Zinn
Kymberly Alvaraz
Kendra Ray
Kathi Jameson
Lanise White

Melanie Amaro (XFUSA1 Winner)
Cassadee Pope (TVUSA3 Winner)
Candice Glover (AI12 Winner)
Danielle Bradbery (TVUSA4 Winner)
Alex & Sierra (XFUSA3 Winner)

Tessanne Chin (TVUSA5 Winner)
DaNica Shirey (TVUSA7 Quarter-Finalist/Moderators’ Save)
Christina Grimmie (TVUSA 6 3rd Place/Moderators’ Save)
Jena Irene Ascviutto (AI13 Runner-Up/Moderators’ Save)
Sawyer Fredericks (TVUSA 8 Winner/MALE VICTORY)
Nick Fradiani (AI14 Winner/MALE VICTORY)
Jackie “JAX” Cole (AI14 3rd Place/FEMALE VICTORY)
Meghan Linsey (TVUSA8 Runner-Up/FEMALE VICTORY)
Maneepat Molloy (Thailand’s Got Talent 1 Winner/Rising Star USA)

Tracia Ward
Kathy Roberts
Thia Tola
Kellie Rock
Perri Johnson
Holly Everman

3rd Open (Kellile and the Make-Ups):
Kellie Rock
Julia Passalt
Lanise White
Tracia Ward
Thia Tola
Perri Johnson

Lauren Froderman (SYTYCD7 Winner)
Melanie Moore (SYTYCD8 Winner)
Eliana Girard (SYTYCD9 Female Winner)
Alfonso Ribeiero (DWTS19 Winner)
Valerie Rockey (SYTYCD11 Runner-Up/Moderators’ Save)

Tiffany Maher (SYTYCD9 Female Runner-Up)
Rumer Willis (DWTS20 Winner/FEMALE VICTORY)
Gaby Diaz (SYTYCD12 Winner)
Sasha Mallory (SYTYCD8 Runner-up)
Witney Carson (DWTS19 Pro Winner and SYTYCD9)
Emily West (AGT 9 Runner-Up)
Hailee (SYTYCD12)
Jaja (SYTYCD12 Runner-Up)
Riker Lynch (DWTS20 Runner-Up/MALE VICTORY)

Kymberly Alvaraz
Kendra Ray
Kathy Roberts
Kathi Jameson
Holly Everman
Ava Zinn

4th Open (Holly and the Runners-Up):
Holly Everman
Perri Johnson
Thia Tola
Tracia Ward
Kellie Rock
Kathy Roberts

Crystal Bowersox (AI9 Runner-up/VFTG’s very first pick)
Lauren Alaina (AI10 Runner-Up)
Jessica Sanchez (AI11 Runner-Up)
Pia Toscano (AI10)
Angie Miller (AI12)

Carly Rose Sonenclar (XFUSA2 Runner-Up)
Michelle Chamuel (TVUSA4 Runner-Up)
Jacquie Lee (TVUSA5 Runner-Up)
Kree Harrison (AI12 Runner-Up)
Ellona Santiago (XFUSA3)
Audrey Kate Geiger (Rising Star 3rd Place)
Haley Reinhart (AI10)
Macy Kate (Rising Star)
Jessica Meuse (AI13)

Kathi Jameson
Lanise White
Kendra Ray
Julia Passalt
Ava Zinn
Kymberly Alvaraz

5th Open (Thia and The Boys):
Thia Tola
Holly Everman
Perri Johnson
Kendra Ray
Tracia Ward
Julia Passalt

Nick Fradiani
Kristen Merlin
Riker Lynch
MK Nobilette
Sawyer Fredericks

Alex & Sierra
Drew Lynch
Daniel Seavey
Hayes Grier
Noah Galloway
Riley Bria
Carlos PenaVega
Alexa PenaVega
Alfonso Ribeiro

Kellie Rock
Ava Zinn
Kymberly Alvaraz
Lanise White
Kathy Roberts
Kathi Jameson


More violence between VFTGUSA moderators…

Four Vote for the Girls moderators are now facing charges during a taping of a recent VFTG episode (that will not be aired) surfaced showing iPads, notebook tablets, laptops, glass jars, and pop bottles being thrown across the set injuring moderator Kymberly Alvaraz and punched several times.

Tracia Ward, 26, Fort Wayne, IN and Lanise White, 52, Green Bay, WI,  have been booked with first-degree battery in connection with one fight that happened Monday (October 5). Authorities say Ward is the person who pushed and shoved the 48-year-old Denver, Colorado native over the cancellation of the Australian and British versions of this web site -Vote for the Girls.

The fight happened about 9:01 p.m. at the Aeverine Zinn Holdings studios in Marion, IN where VFTG is taped.

Security guards say two other VFTG moderators–Rachael Passalt, 35, Minneapolis, MN and Thia Tola, 28, San Francisco, CA, have also been arrested.

Rachael Passalt, the transgendered daughter of VFTGUSA moderator Julia Passalt and currently serving on the Australian version, has been charged with disturbing the peace by fighting, and Tola, who legally goes by Malitia Tola and Perri Johnson, 50, Seattle, WA has been charged with simple battery.

Two other moderators (Holly Everman and Kellie Rock) were also seen getting involved in the fight, throwing kicks and punches, and at one point hitting Leonard Lai, a Male Moderator Crew of VFTG, with a pop bottle.