Kymberly Alvaraz Statement Regarding Domestic Violence Incident

As many of you are most likely aware by now and my fellow Coloradans and former colleagues in Denver about the allegations that I’ve beaten up my girlfriend, Ava. I want to take the time to give them a chance to hear this from this nearly 50 year old woman herself..

First and foremost, as most of you know as well as Ava’s friends and family are now aware is that I was the highest bidder in the virginity auction in 2014. What many did not know when I left my anchoring gig in Denver was that my contract with Colorado’s 2 (KDNC) was not renewed that resulted in leaving KDNC-FTV at the end of May 2014..

Around that period, what most of you did not know at that time and what you did not see behind the scenes from December 2013 and May 2014 was the fact, my husband of 20 years and I have separated. I had been very unhappy how I really wanted to have more children being the mother of four children and wanted to have another child after my youngest child (Denise) was born.

Flashback to Columbine (April 20, 1999)

Everything changed when I got that call from the assignment desk at 11:00 the morning of April 20, 1999. I was asleep and didn’t want to take that call since I was exhausted after Stephani (she was in kindergarten) was sick that day and that motherly instinct from God told me to drop the kids off at day care, but dropped them off at my transgendered sister’s home instead. Hayley was 3, Benita was 2, and Denise (then David) was 3 months. I dropped them off at my sister Davnia’s home not knowing what would unfold that day since I was going through one of the worst cases of postpartum depression. Then I answered the call angrily. I was mad, like so many times in my life before.

It was that particular call and when I heard the breaking news alert from Littleton, I was on my way to the KDNC studios. My co-anchor, Janet Webb, of five years at the time, and I had to go on at Noon with breaking news. It was Columbine. I felt my heart drop but had to maintain my composure on the air. Janet and I anchored coverage from Noon until Janet went home for the night and I stayed behind overnight (knowing I had that instinct not to come home that night). Doing interviews overnight I still had to maintain my composure. Dan was watching me at home and at his work while Davina, Stephen, Laverne, and Juan called me at my work.

During what was then known as “Fox 2 News at 5” (now [Colorado’s] 2 News at 5:00), I had to ad-lib something for the first of three times in my career. “We often don’t make recommendations for people’s behavior from the Fox 2 anchor desk, but if you’re a LGBT parent of family, you’ve got a kid in some other part of Colorado, call them up.” I knew what I said the air was wrong and I had to accept that two more times on July 17, 2008 and July 20, 2012 (by that point KDNC was sold to NoSirGifts after being a Fox O&O).

Flashback to 1989-1993

My mother, Julie, described me as a tough girl growing up and I’ve lived up to that name since my father died of his second heart attack in 1993. The fear of losing my father throughout my childhood until the first part of my adult life was consistent. I had a fear of unbearable losses most of my life and did whatever it took to resolve it.

After I graduated from Northern Colorado University in 1989 and began my career at what was my dream station to anchor at Denver’s then-NBC affiliate KIAA-FTV (channel 9, now a CW affiliate since June 1, 2015). I anchored “9 News Today in Colorado” from 1989 until I left in 1992. In 1992, Elaine Carson announced she was retiring after 24 years. I grew up watching Elaine Carson and I knew KIAA was the dream station as well as after watching Stormy Rottman.

I was one of five candidates at KIAA to really replace a legend. I was one of four women (the other three were Kylie Dwyar, Adelle Allen, and Paula Ropp). I had a huge advantage over Kylie and Adelle. The advantages I had were the looks, my youthful appearance, and the recommendation from Elaine Carson herself. I was sure I was going to co-anchor with Edd Stardell. This was the position of a lifetime and I was so confident I even planned to begin a damn good life what describes as a Colorado Girl.

After Elaine Carson retired in March of 1993, Adelle Allen (the weekend anchor at the time), Kylie Dwyar (who was anchoring “Today in Colorado” at the time), and I rotated as fill-in anchors while KIAA was searching for Elaine’s replacement. From what I heard Paula continued 9 News at Noon and I don’t blame her. Adelle, Kylie and I had one particular conversation and I remember making this statement, “That main anchor job is fucking mine and if either of you cocksuckers get that, I’ll find another station.” I was dead serious.

By the time the announcement of Elaine Carson’s successor was named while I had learned another anchor position at KDNC was open, I had already submitted the resume to the then-New Avon Communications owned CBS affiliate in Denver around the end of 1992. I trusted my gut instinct since I was about to give birth to my daughter Stephani.

I had that little feeling that either Adelle or Kylie would get the main anchor gig instead of me. I’ll never forget that announcement in that staff meeting after returning from maternity leave in April 1993. I was nervous like anyone else and I was ready to take action if I didn’t get the job. Resignation letter. My items packed and desk cleaned out just in case. At 10:14 AM, Monday, April 11, 1993 the second Adelle Allen was named, I walked away and whispered to Adelle, “Congratulations, bitch.” I really wanted to beat the shit out Adelle that day, but instead I went back to my desk and left the resignation letter that went into effect immediately. I knew I had left with bad blood (as a competitor). I never forgot the look on Kylie’s face the moment I walked out of KIAA on April 11, 1993. Kylie was my ally and I had never knew that until Kylie and her sister, Ann, joined the moderator panel in the summer of 2015.

That afternoon I went home to my apartment I shared with Dan, and checked my mailbox. One particular letter was from KDNC stating I got the anchor gig and knowing I had to fulfill a non-compete clause, I went to a bar alone to celebrate. That’s when I met Julia Passalt (then known as Jeffery, she had just accepted a job in Minneapolis) and I remember flirting with Julia at the time. I had just been engaged to Dan while Julia had been married. What I didn’t know was I had realized I had cheated on Dan with a married man. I’ve kept that affair secret until now. I really hope Julia confesses to cheating on her wife after I told Ava about this on my third date with Ava.

When I got back from the bar on April 11, 1993, Dan was home and I told him I had gotten my dream job in my hometown, yet I did not tell him it was NOT 9 News, until he was watching 9 News at 5 with Adelle and Ed. I changed the channel and Dan was like, ‘why did you do that for?’ I had seriously lost it and I seriously got in an argument. I slapped Dan as hard as I could and my emotions go the better of me. I picked up a bedroom television and hitting Dan in the face with that and used the cord to beat him leaving a bruise. I then showed him the letter from channel 2 and I was sorry.

I confessed to Denver police that night, in tears, that I seriously beaten my then-fiancée on April 11, 1993. I was arrested for domestic violence and sent to the jail. I was in tears for as long as I could. I paid the fine and swore I never did it again. Dan forgave me for that. I held a grudge against Adelle and took it out on Dan that night.

The following night, I went to my ex-boyfriend’s, Reggie, on April 12, 1993. He was living in Aurora. I told him everything I had done to Dan. I had no feelings at the time and wasn’t looking to rekindle some things with Reggie. Yet, I told him something I had only mentioned to my father before he died, “I am bi. What this means I’m attracted to both guys and girls.” I had experimented with lesbian sex with another girl in college and I never knew that would play a factor in one fateful decision I would make until I saw that beautiful and sexy transwoman from Indiana some 21 years later.

Then I got that call that my father died of a second heart attack. I never forgot that day. It was April 18, 1993. It was the most devastating day in my life and I knew my sexuality would get the better of me and played an influence on both of my younger siblings. I remember after Pope John Paul II visited Denver, both my younger siblings were still in pain after my dad’s death. Stephen (then Shirley) came out as trans first and I needed to do some research about transgender and transsexuals. I had known Stephen was a lesbian and Davina (then David, Jr.) was a bi man. I was the first person in the Christian family that both Davina and Stephen were changing sexes. My mom couldn’t believe it and I told conforted her and remember saying it is okay to have a straight daughter (Laverne),  a straight son (Juan),  a bisexual daughter (me), a transgender brother (Stephen), and a transgender sister (Davina).

I was about to start at channel 2 in December 1993, but I had a no-compete clause from channel 9 that expired at the end of February 1994. So I explored my bisexuality and basically cheated on Dan while I was at World Youth Day that summer and took Stephani as part of a “Bring your daughter to work prank”. What many of my former colleagues didn’t know was that I was going undercover and sleuthing to get answers I needed.

After I started working at KDNC-FTV, Fox stunned the broadcast industry that spawned several network changes nationwide from 1994 until 1997. Since New Avon was the owner of KDNC-FTV, I somehow got advanced noticed that KDNC was going to switch its affiliation to Fox from CBS. So New Avon went to work on an campaign that definitely made sure KIAA would be “Colorado’s Sorriest Loser” when that bitch (Adelle) anchoring with Edd (Stardell). The campaign was “Same Kym. Same Denver. New Channel” It was promoted after David Letterman had jumped the ship to host the Late Show (which at the time came on at 10:35 PM right after “Eyewitness News at 10”.) New Avon Communications invested $12 million on this campaign.

Another flashback to 1994 to 1996 (Changing Networks, Changing Genders and Sexual Orientations)

I was now working for New Avon Communications (later DakMedia and finally NoSirGifts) when they spent nearly $4 million alone on me. I knew it was a childhood dream coming true for me. What I didn’t know was at the time, I had basically changed Colorado forever during my time at KDNC-FTV. I would start March 7, 1994 as the station premiered “Channel 2 Eyewitess News at 4:00.”

As March 1994 approached, I had learned my new assignment at KDNC. It was definitely my dream job since I was little. My career was taking off like a celebrity. I was named the anchor of what was then known as “Channel 2 Eyewitness News” at 4, 5, 6, and 10. I applaud whomever made the anchor change when I arrived, I would say thank you for launching my career and helping me find my voice in Colorado for 25 years.

It was the beginning of big changes in the Christian family. I had a one year old daughter with Dan. I bought a ranch that Dan and I built in Westminister, Colorado and about to move in three years after buying the land as a wedding present. On-air at KDNC-FTV a week after my debut, I quietly married Dan Alvaraz in a quiet courthouse ceremony just five hours before the 4:00 news wearing a white skirt suit on March 15, 1994. That night at approximately 10:20 after Janet and I tossed to the weather segment with Katy Walsh (she is still at KDNC-FTV today), I mentioned a wedding and announced the marriage on-air.

That year, Stephen and Davina began their physical gender transitions together and Stephen’s top surgery (to remove the breasts for a female-to-male transsexual) before beginning his transition from female to male that began on December 1, 1994 when I saw Stephen as my youngest biological sister for the very last time and began seeing him as my transgendered brother. Davina, meanwhile, had a lot of work ahead of her and I began seeing her as my transgendered sister. She had a lot of hair on her face and pubic areas that needed treatment and I basically have been helping them out with my income to support their gender transition. I really thought I knew what seeing a gender transition was about until 2010.

Back at KDNC-FTV, within two months of my arrival in May of 1994, it became official when KDNC-FTV and other stations owned by New Avon Communications owned were switching to Fox. KDNC-FTV didn’t switch from CBS to Fox until March 4, 1996 since its affiliation contract with CBS did not run out until the end of February. I was excited about the switch more than anyone and knew this was a change for the better for me professionally. I wanted to have a another baby and sure enough I was pregnant with Hayley in 1995. But I knew I was unhappy a year into the marriage with Dan with all of those changes at KDNC-FTV.

A bigger staff and more news including a new hour-long 9:00 newscast and a 5:30 pm newscast to replace CBS programming. I was more happier on the professional level, yet personally I didn’t feel that way.

March 4, 1996 was also a special day for me personally, and I’m glad the switch from CBS to Fox was a blessing in disguise. On that day, KDNC-FTV switched from CBS to Fox, KLZL-FTV (channel 4) switched from an ABC O&O to CBS (later to be an O&O), KIAA-FTV (channel 9) remained with NBC, KTRJ-FTV (channel 11) switched from an independent station to an ABC O&O, KFUR-FTV (channel 24, now NBC affiliate KZCO-FTV) remained an independent station, while KDEN-FTV (channel 58) switched from Fox to a dual UPN/WB affiliate. Also that day was not only Davina’s 27th birthday, Davina herself officially began her gender transition that resulted in becoming my transgendered sister. I knew I had made KDNC-FTV one of America’s leading Fox stations during my time there.

Kymberly Laura Alvaraz Statement regarding arrests from 1993 and 2017

What many Coloradans from 1989 until 2014 saw me on KIAA-FTV or KDNC-FTV was the Professional side of yours truly on-camera. I’ve influenced a number of lives in Colorado, even my own children. However, there was the personal side of yours truly that every journalist almost rarely reports on or what many of my colleagues from Denver, Fort Wayne, or on Vote for the Girls hate to report on one of their own colleagues for any reason. It is part of being a broadcast journalist. And I am sorry to say I have let my fellow Coloradans down and horribly betrayed them. What was posted about being arrested by own girlfriend, Ava Zinn, I am sorry to say it is unfortunately the truth. My emotions got the better of this Colorado Girl who will be celebrating her 50th birthday in July 2017.

On the morning of December 25, 2016 I caused and inflicted pain on my girlfriend and well-known webmaster, the beautiful now 34 year old Ava Zinn from Van Buren, Indiana, after I overcooked Christmas dinner and caused damage to the roof of her mouth. As a result of the mouth injury I caused Ava, I will have to pay restitution to the woman I have been in love with since July 2014 as well as the father of my son, Kenneth, and my unborn twin daughters, Alisan We and Lauren Haley, due in July 2017.

I had told Ava to get CareCredit in her name after she arrested me. I will say thank you for giving me that black eye. I know Ava’s not a police officer, but I will say since Ava and I have been together, I pretty much dominated Colorado. I know I’ve made Ava’s life much better than any other woman she’s been with.

Sorry to break it to Ava’s previous significant others of Mandy Davidson, Elisa Everman, Angie Willis, and Christy Johnson, you may have known when you were in a long-term relationship, you are automatically a fucking sex partner (Ava is very clear on that rule and one big rule of hers). What none of these four women ever knew was the fact when I placed that bid in Ava’s Virginity Auction, I was making history and shattering records. So, boo-hoo-hoo-hoo and cry you eyes out in shame and run away from the truth.

I have done far more for Ava and she has done far more for me since the long-term relationship began on January 4, 2015. It was well worth every penny. Every dollar I spent in becoming the winning bidder of Ava’s Virginity Auction. I’m not disclosing how much I have bid but I will say it was $5,000 more than a transgendered man’s bid.

Kymberly Alvaraz Statement Regarding Domestic Violence Incident

On January 19, 2017 in Marion, Indiana, I did the most horrific thing no wife or girlfriend, especially a broadcast journalist, ever wants to admit publicly–especially when this broadcast journalist from Denver, Colorado has been well-respected and well-known in Colorado for many years and relocates to Indiana after living in Colorado for 46 years to be in “the dream relationship” with a well-known webmaster and tycoon that made Vote for the Girls the popular web site that I want to marry when the timing is right. No spouse ever wants to admit that fact to one’s significant other when he or she is confronted of these such allegations. I am a two-time domestic batterer of 25 years. I am horrified to admit this fact that this is the officially the second time in my life I have committed spousal abuse in two cities: Denver, Colorado in 1992 (victim is Dan Alvaraz) and Marion, Indiana in 2017 (victim is Ava Zinn).
First and foremost, I will acknowledge that my actions to Dan Alvaraz that started from April 11, 1993 until I chose to divorce him after denying years of spousal abuse caused by the worst case of postpartum depression was completely uncalled for. I took responsibility the day I confessed to Denver Police that Monday in 1993 and I let my unhappiness with Dan get to him until he took his own life. I bullied him to his death on November 22, 2014. I personally paid Dan’s family $250,000 not only as a Christmas present, but I also admitted to Dan’s family that I was liable for Dan’s death and never went near his family in New Mexico after I paid them.
Secondly, I will say my actions towards the Marion, Indiana Police Department and what I did to my girlfriend was absolutely unacceptable. My girlfriend was right to place me under a citizen’s arrest after I chocked her on the early evening hours of January 19, 2017. I knew from that moment Ava used her right hand to temporarily blind my left eye was justified under the “so-called Stand Your Ground Law.” The worst part of all this was the fact I had exposed my son watching a nearly 50 year old mother choke a 34 year old transgender woman in front of that particular little boy. I should have never ever exposed a baby to that kind of violence unlike I did with my then-three-month old Stephani.
I would like to say that Ava and I are humbled, overwhelmed with the support we separately received from family, friends, colleagues, and fans.
My fellow Coloradans and Ava’s fellow Hoosiers need to understand the fact that I’ve officially become the news for the third time in my life when as broadcast journalists we are supposed to deliver the news. It is part of the job as a news anchorwoman. I’ve heard that particular phrase thousands of times.
It is heartwarming from fans and friends from Colorado and Indiana. It is very helpful especially at a tough time like this.
I want to say that I love Ava more than anything. She has been an important person in my life and I’ve been an important person in her life since I first met Ava briefly in 2007 when she invented the “NoSirGifts Newscast Mandate” (you probably know it as two women co-anchor newscasts, a philosophy of Ava’s: “News Directors/Producers Have a Choice, Viewers Don’t”, or even another way that I would rather not get into other than sex sells) and officially met her in person in 2014.
Ava has helped me through some difficult times and I’ve done the same for Ava.

I love my children and stepchildren more than anything on Earth.

As I previously stated, I deeply regret how I acted towards the Marion, Indiana Police Department, and at my girlfriend on the afternoon of January 19, 2017. It was unfortunate that my emotions got the better of me and I did not show either MPD or Ava respect they deserved, especially when your significant other knows a police officer personally. Like all law enforcement agencies, the police department’s officers are there to do their job to protect and serve. They are a great department.
To my fellow Coloradans, I sincerely apologize to all of my fans that have watched me since “9 News Today in Colorado” when it premiered in 1989. I apologize to nearly all my fellow Denver, Colorado natives no longer living in the City of Denver, Colorado. I apologize to everyone on Vote for the Girls USA, Aeverine Zinn Holdings, NoSirGifts Fantasy Television Stations. I apologize to Ava online and will apologize to Ava in person on my next court date. I apologize to Ava’s family and extended family she has left (I’m sure she has a few cousins and half-cousins in the Marion, Indiana area and one cousin in the OKC).
Most importantly, I must accept the sanctions that Aeverine Zinn Holdings, the owner of Vote for the Girls, has imposed as a consequence of my actions on the afternoon of January 19, 2017. It is sad that Ava and I will be disqualified for the remainder of the eighth season of “Vote for the Girls” and I am sure Ava is disappointed just as much as I am that due to this incident, we will not be making our picks for the twelfth season of “The Voice” and the twenty-fourth season of “Dancing with the Stars” yet Ava will still be hosting.
Furthermore, as part of a deal, I have informed Jackson Steele, the president and chief executive officer that I am taking an indefinite leave of absence without pay from WTOR-FTV/WXXC-FDT until further notice as a consequence of this incident. What this means is that I will be off the air for some time and therefore if I remember my conversation right, either Sophia Williams, Holly Everman, Karly Jameson, some fill-in anchor at CBS 41/INNCD 47, or for all I know a guest anchor–I’m sure that person will do a great job in my absence.
As journalists we have valued the quality of journalism yet devalued when a person or persons have been in harm’s way and don’t make any effort to put forth necessary actions or energy and time in which far less important things have taken precedent.
I have seen my colleagues with far worse offenses than I. I’ve also seen colleagues with far lesser offenses some have been banned, terminated on the spot. But I’ve seen colleagues that has had bad behavior patterns behind closed doors unknown from the American public while swift and harsh action handed down to many other colleagues without half the details or the amount of time.
I applaud NoSirGifts Fantasy Television Stations, Aeverine Zinn Holdings, and Ava Zinn herself as my discipline fits the crime. Is the system broken? Yes. Does Ava Zinn need to act like she doesn’t care especially when she is in a de facto marriage? Absolutely! Ava Zinn is a transwoman of her word, unlike others. Others need to stop acting like they care and start showing people they mean what they say! What it boils down to is being loyal and honest. I only wish more people like Ava are true to their word.
I am forever grateful that I did not lose my job as a result of this incident, yet it could have been a lot worse as exactly I saw on the morning of April 11, 1993 when I did not get the main anchorwoman gig at KIAA-FTV that went to Adelle Allen.
Speaking of Adelle, in a very sad and ironic twist of fate, I have learned from Kylie Dwyar that Adelle died of a heart attack the following Sunday (January 22) after I got sent to the slammer and wasn’t released on bond on January 23. Another consequence as a result of the January 19, 2017 incident is that I will likely miss the chance to attend Adelle’s funeral to pay my last respects. Yet I did produce a video tribute.
In closing as a former colleague of mine, I will say to Bryant Allen as Adelle was the sister of my former co-anchor from 1989 to 1993: “I am sorry about the death of Adelle Allen and I want to take the time to apologize to Adelle for insulting her on April 11, 1993. I was clearly upset that day and frustrated that she got the main anchor gig and always wondered why she got it instead of me. It wasn’t until Kylie gave me a call and told me everything in 2015. I wanted to make amends, but I didn’t and I felt it was all my fault after I didn’t speak to Adelle from April 11, 1993 until February 20, 2015 when I sang “Free Bird” on Kylie Dwyar’s last day at KIAA.”
I also want to say thank you to Kylie Marie Dwyar. I remember a conversation I had with Kylie was a promise we made in case Adelle and Kylie left KIAA-FTV was:
“Kylie, please keep in touch with me just in case (Adelle resigns and you’re her sucessor). When the time comes you call me the second KIAA does not renew your contract at any way.”
After I moved from Colorado to Indiana, Kylie kept the promise she and I made 23 years earlier. I gave her a note I asked her to say on air in case was actually reported that I had written in my diary in high school:
“Every Coloradan, every Colorado news personality dreams of anchoring (KIAA-FTV) 9 News and—for three months—I got to do it. I did it my way, with people I love, and I do not regret a second [of it]…. I also want to thank a former colleague of mine, Kym Christian, for encouraging me to believe in myself and in Colroado.”
As I wrote in my high school diary back in 1984 that I allowed Kylie to use on air,”Nobody in life gets exactly what they thought they were going to get. But if you work really hard and you’re kind, amazing things will happen.” Then Kylie added these words: “…Thank you, Elaine Carson and Kym Christian.”
As for what the future holds for me after the January 19, 2017 incident, Ava and I had already been facing at least four years of uncertainty for obvious reasons.
The question I am worried about now is will Ava and I still be together despite admitting was a bit extreme? I know the point of this is when this Colorado Cougar knows she must make a change. Ava learned that she should never hit a woman, yet as a woman that wears the pants in the relationship she does so if its necessary.
That decision is really up to Ava since I’ve invested heavily in the relationship. Whatever Ava’s decision is I’m sure she will have a good reason and hopeful that I do not get that dreaded “Dear Jane Letter” from Ava. I will do whatever it takes to stop Ava from taking that step.
Now it’s your turn to speak your mind about what you think. Tweet me @KymAlvaraz or write on my Facebook wall.

Police: It wasn’t the first time Alvaraz choked her girlfriend; Police in Colorado paint a different picture

It wasn’t the first time.

Embattled Vote for the Girls moderator Kymberly Alvaraz nearly choked her girlfriend unconscious two weeks before her Thursday arrest for grabbing her by the throat while her girlfriend, Ava Zinn was in Alvaraz’s car, according to a police report.

A rage-fuled Alvaraz — described by Zinn’s closest friends as a serial spouse abuser with a 25-year history of brutality in Indiana and Colorado — wrapped her right arm around her 140-pound 5 feet 9 inch girlfriend’s neck on Jan. 19 and squeezed tight, the police report charged.

Ava Zinn gouged one of Alvaraz’s eyes while they were in Zinn’s home in Marion, Indiana, and Alvaraz tossed her to the couch before applying the choke-hold, the report said.

“K. Alvaraz reportedly threw her into the living room and proceeded to choke her until she reportedly almost passed out,” the report declared.

“A. Nieves explained that the ‘choking’ occurred while she was on her couch and K. Alvaraz was on top of her with her arms around her neck before A. Nieves gouged one her eyes after A. Nieves reportedly mentioned her stomach ulcer flared up.”

The violence began after Zinn, who had been diagnosed with a stomach ulcer Tuesday and had just been diagnosed with a mouth ulcer at the dental office earlier that day, as a de facto marital spat over Ava’s frustration that Ava had to pay a nearly $650 dental bill and Kymberly confessed she caused the mouth ulcer after she overcooked Christmas dinner that caused a lesion in Zinn’s mouth according to the dentist.

Ava initiated a discussion about the dental bill, but Alvaraz, who is three months pregnant with twin daughters with Zinn, began suggesting Ava had to find a job to make ends meet. Ava complained, but Kymberly refused to stop talking, so Ava tried to grab Kymberly’s purse of her hand.

That’s when she (Kymberly) threw her (Ava) to the couch hard, the report said.

The couple’s 22-month-old son, Kenneth, and Ava’s 13-year old daughter, Tabitha, walked in on the fight, cops said. Despite his age, Kenneth, told police, “I saw Mommy shoving Daddy hard”. Tabitha pulled Kymberly’s hair the second Zinn gouged one of Alvaraz’s eyes.

Ava Zinn (documented as Aeverine Nieves), founder and webmaster of Vote for the Girls, suffered minor bruises to her neck and hand that were consistent with somebody grabbing her, the police report stated. The report stated Tabitha Zinn, suffered a sprained ankle.

Cops took pictures of the injuries, but refused to make them public — along with Ava Zinn’s statement about the fight.

“We did seek an arrest warrant, but it was denied” by local prosecutors, said a captain of the Marion, Indiana Police Department.

Kymberly Alvaraz saw the prosecutors’ decision as evidence of her innocence.

“If it were true, why was there no arrest?” Kymberly Alvaraz told the Marion, Indiana Chronicle-Tribune, via text message.

Both Kymberly Alvaraz and Ava Zinn told cops they were enraged when the fighting began.

Fort Wayne CBS affiliate WTOR-FTV was first to report the prior fight between the pair.

Kymberly Alvaraz’s lawyer declined to comment.

“I have not seen that police report,” said the lawyer. “I’m not aware of its existence. I’m not aware of any choking incident that occurred previously.”

The battle was Thursday afternoon’s fight, where Kymberly Alvaraz tried to strangle her girlfriend, cops said. Her left was gouged when Ava Zinn hit her with her hand. “I’m sorry, Kymberly, I had to hit you. You are now under citizen’s arrest for domestic battery. Kymberly, leave. Turn yourself in to the cops and tell them you beat up your girlfriend badly.

The 49-year old former Denver anchorwoman, according to NoSirGifts Fantasy Television Stations (which owns WTOR-FTV and distributes Vote for the Girls internationally), stated Alvaraz has taken an indefinite leave of absence..

Ava Zinn is not Kymberly’s first victim. During Alvaraz’s 20 year marriage to her late husband, Dan Alvaraz, in Westminster, Colorado. Dan and Kymberly Alvaraz’s contentious relationship dates back at least a quarter-century, with Westminster, Colorado reporting eight domestic incidents at their Westminster home between 1992 and 2014. In all but one case, Dan Alvaraz was the complainant.


Kymberly Alvaraz arrested for domestic battery

Vote for the Girls moderator Kymberly Alvaraz has taken a 10 show suspension on Vote for the Girls, less than two days after being arrested in Marion, Indiana for allegedly choking her girlfriend in a rage, and then threatening to kill her when in police custody.

Sources to NoSirGifts-owned CBS affiliate WTOR-FTV (CBS 41 Fort Wayne) said that Alvaraz, 49, accepted her suspension today, hours after Vote for the Girls exclusively revealed that she allegedly also had previously threatened to harm her 22-month-old son in front on her fellow-moderator girlfriend (as well as founder, webmaster and Vote for the Girls Host), and then kill her.

Alvaraz said in a prepared statement, “My family is my first and only priority right now and I have informed both the management at CBS 41 and NoSirGifts that I need to put all of my time and energy into making sure that I do what’s best for Ava (Zinn, Alvaraz’s girlfriend), her children, and my children. I very much appreciate the opportunity that CBS 41 and previously Colorado’s 2 (Fox affiliate KDNC-FTV, WTOR’s sister station owned by NoSirGifts) has given me and I thank them for accepting my decision to take time off.”

An allegedly “extremely belligerent” Alvaraz was arrested Thursday afternoon at the Marion Police station after turning herself in to custody from Zinn’s home where she lives on a part-time basis with Ava Zinn after Ava’s worried 23-year old daughter, Samantha Zinn, called cops and reported a domestic disturbance there.

“I can’t go to jail tonight, I’m knocking her out!” a rage-fueled Alvaraz, 49, to a cop booking her Thursday for allegedly throttling Ava, according to the police report obtained by Vote for the Girls.

She also taunted her arresting officers, dubbing one cop “Officer Motherf–ker” and daring them to make her handcuffs tighter, the report says.

Ava Zinn (documented as Aeverine Nieves since it is the legal name of Zinn’s), 34, founder and webmaster of Vote for the Girls, gouged Alvaraz’s eyes with her hands to stop her from choking her with both hands on the couch as her stomach ulcer (which was diagnosed Tuesday) flared up, cops said.

That’s how she ended up with a bruise on her forehead in her mug shot.

The once attractive transwoman, 145-pound blonde going gray was so “distressed, visibly shaken, and clearly in fear of her girlfriend” that she refused to write out a statement against Alvaraz, cops wrote. She also would not allow them to photograph red marks on her neck.

Zinn stated, “I kinda felt the injuries were justified from Kymberly after she had overcooked Christmas dinner as her way of punishing me for paying a bill on time and the reason I got the upper mouth ulcer both as a Xmas and birthday present. (Zinn was diagnosed with the mouth ulcer at the dentist office) .

Ava’s eldest adopted daughter, Ashil Zinn, 18, told police that Alvaraz once threatened the Alvaraz and Zinn’s 22-month-old son, Kenneth.

“Ashli stated that in the past Kymberly commented to her that if Ava leaves her she would beat up their son (Kenneth) in front of her and then beat her up badly,” police wrote.

Cops notified Indiana Child Protective Services about “suspected child abuse and neglect” at Zinn’s home and also at Alvaraz’s home, which automatically triggered an investigation.

But sources told CBS 41’s sister station in Denver that according to Kylie Dwyar (now a Vote for the Girls moderator), Alvaraz’s former colleague in Denver, Alvaraz’s late husband, Dan, and Ava are also confrontational — and that Dan Alvaraz basically drove Kymberly to have an extramarital affair in 2014.

KDNC refused to renew Kymberly’s contract when Dan e-mailed about 100 of Kymberly’s colleagues, accusing them of being complicit in her suspected affair (and eventual) affair with Ava Zinn. Zinn had auctioned off her virginity to Alvaraz, who was the highest bidder after bidding $5,000 more than a transgendered male. In 2014, Zinn had threatened to auction off her virginity if a male contestant won American Idol and/or The Voice. Zinn followed through on her particular threat when Christina Grimmie finshed third place on the sixth season of “The Voice” and Jena Asciutto, finished runner-up on the 13th season of American Idol, while at the same time, Asciutto broke several Vote for the Girls records.

Dan discovered the alleged affair after hiring a private investigator, and stashing a recording device in Kymberly’s car, a 1997 Lincoln Navigator.

“You know that if I go public, it is going to make everybody in Denver look bad,” Dan wrote in his email to Alvaraz’s co-anchor, Janet Webb.

“The email said, ‘I know who the “stupid tranny” is, I know my wife has been carrying on and the fact that you have protected her is disgusting, this affair happened and you should have done something to stop it,’” the source recounted.

He was basically saying ‘if you continue to shield my wife, I am going to make life really hard for you’.”

“It made everyone as uncomfortable as hell. He wrote it to the Managing Editor (Sandra Parsons now main anchor at CW affiliate KIAA-FTV in Denver) and the then-news director at KDNC-FTV, and cc:ed all of Kymberly’s co-anchors and NoSirGifts officials including then-NoSirGifts chairman Archibald Coolranch (now a Zinn’s villain for Vote for the Girls) and the late NoSirGifts President and CEO Lynsey Matthewson (the sister of Vote for the Girls co-host Holly Everman). He said the situation was really uncomfortable.”

“KDNC protected Kymberly as long as they could, and when they thought that Dan’s email might go public, they told Kymberly we are going to cancel you,” the source said.

“Dan and to a lesser extent, Ava, have got a volatile streak in them as well. Dan makes himself out to be a victim, but those two just poke each other. Ava, on the other hand, was just some money-hungry breeding-transwoman looking for her Ms. Right. Nobody is the complete innocent in that couple of Dan & Kymberly or Kymebrly & Ava. When Dan & Kymberly were married, everybody (at channel 2) knew about this, and viewed Dan & Kymberly as a pressure cooker. But when Kymberly and Ava began dating, it was clear Ava was really serious about Kymberly wanting to get pregnant with a fifth child at any way possible. They knew at some point things would explode.”

Sources Friday said that Kymberly Alvaraz was convinced her arrest Thursday would cost Alvaraz her job at CBS 41, which hired him in 2014 after she spent more than 25 years as an anchor and years as a talk show host. Alvaraz is still employed by NoSirGifts as an anchor/reporter, yet she remains on the Vote for the Girls moderator panel, for now.

The beautiful 130-pound brunette from Colorado standing 5 feet 3 inches, was arraigned in Grant Superior Court Friday on charges of strangulation, battery, threatening and disorderly conduct.

A judge ordered the 49 year old Alvaraz, who is currently three months pregnant with Zinn’s twin daughters (to be named Alisan We and Christina Jena) to stay at least 50 yards away from Ava outside the office, and barred her from contacting Ava or going to Ava’s home for 90 days.

“I did not choke Ava. I have only laid hands on Ava twice,” Alvaraz, who remains free on $100,000 bail in addition to paying the $10,000 fine, told reporters before her arraignment.

“I love Ava more than anything,” said Alvaraz, whose forehead was still scarred.

Ava was not in court. Her eldest daughter, Samantha, told cops during the Thursday afternoon blow-up that Alvaraz called her to say, “Your father is crazy, we have to do something with her,” the police report said.

Samantha said she had begged her father (Zinn doesn’t use the term transgender mother despite Zinn’s gender transition) twice to leave Alvaraz, but the long-suffering girlfriend feared she “would do something to her and their son,” the report said.

Alvaraz called the arresting officers “f–king a–hole cops.”

When asked if her cuffs were too tight, she “stated that she wanted them tighter,” according to the police report.

Judge Dana Kentworthy said the police report “not only reflects a serious incident, it reflects the likelihood of a serious history . . . If I’m going to make a mistake, I’m going to err on the side of safety.”

Alvaraz apologized to both Zinn’s family and the cops in her statement to reporters, saying: “I regret deeply how I acted toward the Marion Police Department.”

Her lawyer did not comment on the contents of the police report.

When asked if Ava would drop the charges, Alvaraz said, “I don’t know the answer to that question.”

Cops in Indiana had been to both Zinn’s and Alvaraz’s homes before. Records obtained Friday show Kymberly was arrested and charged on October 2014 for second degree involuntary manslaughter in an incident stemming from a robbery involving former Vote for the Girls UK moderator Khayla Chow. Alavraz was found not guilty and acquitted in November 2015. Zinn was also arrested March 12, 2015 for disorderly conduct in a dispute over renovations that threatened Zinn’s job as a webmaster.

It was not the first time Alvaraz had been arrested. In Westminster, Colorado, Kymberly Alvaraz was arrested April 10, 1996, for disorderly conduct in an incident involving Dan.

On July 19, 2003, a cop in Westminster, Colorado went there in response to another domestic disturbance.

And CBS 41 first reported that Kymberly Alvaraz was also arrested for allegedly assaulting her husband in 1992 in Denver — and that cops had gone to their city apartments seven other times for verbal disputes.

ORIGINAL STORY (1/19/2017)

MARION, Indiana – Vote for the Girls moderator Kymberly Alvaraz was arrested Thursday after she turned herself in to local police for a domestic violence incident.

The 49-year old was charged with battery against a household member and was booked into the Grant County Detention Center after punching and shoving her girlfriend, Ava Zinn (documented as Aeverine Nieves), 34, causing her recently diagnosed stomach ulcer to flare up. Zinn had been diagnosed with a stomach ulcer on Tuesday and had just been diagnosed with a second ulcer in the upper roof of her mouth.

“We are aware of the arrest but will wait for more details before making any other comments,” Jackson Steele, president for NoSirGifts Fantasy Television Stations said in a statement.

Alvaraz came to Vote for the Girls in 2014 after 25 years as an anchorwoman in Denver and has been a moderator panelist with Vote for the Girls with Zinn since 2015.

This story will be updated


Kendra Ray: Divorce from wife after 29 years was “a decision for the future”

After going through a divorce with my wife Mollie, I explored and reviewed what my options were as a moderator on Vote for the Girls, but I’ve ultimately decided that inviting a girl from Omaha, Nebraska (Hannah Wilson) was the smart play. My 29-year marriage with Mollie was a “one-way irreconcilable differences” divorce that didn’t work after relocating from Iowa to Indiana in 2014.

While many over at CBS 41 wondered why I was not anchoring the weekend morning newscast with Kymberly Alvaraz for the past three weeks and the fact that Rachael Passalt, Luka Runecraft, and Bria Savage (formerly Tavon Savage) had filled in while I went on vacation during the Christmas break.

I had a choice for my future and during the Christmas holiday I started to date a former intern named Hannah Wilson I worked with while in Iowa. It was “a decision for Hannah’s future and for Iowa.”

As of Friday, I am in a relationship with Hannah and Hannah will be joining me on the Pink Team West as a duo moderator known as “Hannah & Kendra.”

“I’m so so excited to have this opportunity to be a pink team moderator and in a relationship with Kendra,” said Hannah.

Hannah Wilson also noted that I am an Iowa Hawkeyes fan and she is a University of Nebraska fan, as well as being fans of the Kansas City Chiefs.

My former colleague and co-anchor in Des Moines, Lynda Donalds, said I am one of the few transwomen in the country that “own the State of Iowa” – that is, dominate Iowa.

“Because Kendra’s got such a strong fanbase share in almost every category, she can afford to tell Mollie… to go take a walk,” she said.

“Hannah Wilson, obviously as a bisexual woman, would be an idiot not to jump off of her now ex-boyfriend and enter into a long-term relationship with Hannah,” Donalds added. “It’s a win-win for the former intern from Omaha.”

The long-term relationships between transgender women and biological bisexual women (as a lesbian relationship following the transwoman’s transition from male to female) or a man and woman have become strained in the past – specifically as the biological bisexual women (such as current Vote for the Girls purple team moderators Thia Tola, Nadia Lorenzo, and Kymberly Alvaraz) have sought to ratchet payments they make their spouse(s) or boyfriend (Thia’s ex-boyfriend Channarong Ling, an unnamed ex-boyfriend of Nadia Lorenzo, and Kymberly’s ex-husband, Dan Alvaraz) to continue the marriage or relationship – in some cases even demanding that the woman pay or contribute.

Wilson, told me on the first date on December 26, that Wilson’s now ex-boyfriend’s proposal for continuing the relationship was one-sided.

“A Relationship Agreement contract tells a story. It defines a relationship or a marriage,” Vote for the Girls webmaster and founder, Ava Zinn commented. “There wasn’t any way that I could consider the previous agreements I had with Amanda (Davidson), Elisa (Everman), Angie (Willis), and Christy (Johnson) a partnership and are automatically sex partners. It was a one-way, ‘this is how relationships and marriages work for me since 1993.’”

The “tone and thrust” of the boyfriend’s proposal, Wilson said, “was: Here’s the Relationship Agreement. You (to Hannah) pay for it. You run the relationship. You sleep with me (to the boyfriend) and have on a regular basis. That’s the deal.”

By contrast, Wilson said, I subscribed to the notion that “Kendra and Hannah are this together and we’re going to make this work.”

Ava Zinn said Long-Term Relationship Agreements and Pre-Marriage Agreements are a significant move.

“I’m sure that Kendra doesn’t make that decision without a lot of thought,” said Zinn, who herself stressed that she had no inside knowledge about the reasons behind my decision. “Break-up and divorce create disruption, and that can be bad for your reputation.”

Zinn herself had auctioned off her virginity to Kymberly Alvaraz in 2014 after Zinn followed through on her threat if a girl did not win the 13th season of American Idol and/or the sixth season of The Voice after Ellona Santiago was eliminated on December 5, 2013. Two have followed in Zinn’s footsteps as Peta-Alyce Kaizer and Natasha Gower, respectively auctioned off their virginities to Nadia Lorenzo and Thia Tola after their respective picks in the United Kingdom and Australia did not win The Voice. As a consequence, Lorenzo and Tola were the highest bidder in the virginity auctions of to the highest female bidders of the respective virginity auctions of Kaizer (after Tash Lockart finished third place on the fifth season of The Voice Australia) and Gower (after Lydia Lucy and Cody Frost did not receive enough votes receive enough votes on the fifth season finale of The Voice UK.) These virginity auctions resulted in Alvaraz, Lorenzo, and Tola to move from the pink to purple team. Additionally, Lanise White and Karly Jameson also moved from the pink to purple team after White reached a long-term relationship with Danni McClannahan (shortly after The Voice 9 finale) and Karly Jameson was already married to Kathi Jameson.

So, welcome Hannah Wilson to the moderator panel.


Archibald Coolranch to retire at the end of ninth season

Vote for the Girls USA is about to go through a huge change in the fall 2019 pending the renewals of Dancing with the Stars and The Voice as Archibald Coolranch has decided to step down at the end of the ninth season in May 2018.

The forthcoming season of Vote for the Girls will be Archibald Coolranch’s final year on the Zinn’s Villain panel as today he announces that he is stepping down from his role as Head Villain. Coolranch has been Head Villain on VFTG since its debut on April 28, 2010

Archibald Coolranch says: “In 2010, I was asked to take part in a brand new endeavor, and who would have thought me, old Archibald Coolranch, would still be part of this amazing series nearly 10 years on. This adventure began when I was in my 70s and now that I’ve reached 80, I’ve decided after 2018, it’s time to hand the role of Head Villain to someone else. It is an honor being part of the wonderful venue and I’m looking forward to my last season very much and to whatever comes next.”

Ava Zinn, Vote for the Girls founder, host and webmaster, says: “After 8 years, our Head Villain Archibald has decided it’s time to hang up his Zinn’s Villain shoes! I know we are all going to miss him tremendously, but I also know Archibald’s final season is going to be full of unmissable moments and I hope fans and audiences will give him the special send-off he deserves.”

Zinn added: “I’m absolutely delighted that Holly (Everman), myself, our moderator panelists (except Tracia & Hillary), and villains are all returning for another year. Although we will be sad to say goodbye to Archibald, as our way of saying thank you, we are all determined to make the ninth the most spectacular and entertaining yet.”

Talking to Kathy Finkelmyre on The Kathy Finkelmyre Show, he clarified rumors as a potential successor, saying it was more about having a “villainy person” there.

Coolranch added: “What I said was this: I’m 80 now, come to next two years I’ll be 82 obviously, and what I said was ‘a good successor’ – Luka, Glenn, Ted Shields – and for me, what I was trying to say is, it’d be good if it was somebody whose roots were fans of American Idol male contestants.

He recently praised fellow villain Bria Savage (formerly Tavon Savage) about Savage’s gender transition, and hit back at pink team moderators Sophia Williams and Maci Blanca, after viewers claimed Williams and Blanca had unfairly used two flex picks on Josh Gallagher and The Voice 11 winner Sundance Head and taking those picks away from Savage and her boyfriend, Devin Martin.

He said he was also surprised about the flex picks on The Voice 11, but stressed that Ava made the right call and as moderators and villains, judged solely on the performances done on that night.

He explained: “It’s nothing to do with the Moderators’ Save, or who you think would win it all in the finale, it is just about that one performance.

“And as far as I was concerned – and Jacqui (Fountaine) and Glenn (Swaringen) – we thought Ali (Caldwell) didn’t go wrong, it was beautifully performed that night, so there you have it … The viewers, Sophia & Maci spoke.”

Earlier this season, Coolranch’s seven season winning villain streak came to an end on August 27, 2016 and was finally dethroned after becoming the winningest villain  in this site’s history. Bria Savage (then Tavon Savage), eventually nosed out Coolranch as the winning villain as her America’s Got Talent 11 pick Grace VanderWaal was declared the winner. Coolranch’s six season AGT streak brought him a lot of rewards, since Vote for the Girls began in 2010.

The soon-to-be transwoman from Little Rock, Arkansas who beat record-setting “Vote for the Girls USA” winning villain also appeared on “The Karly Jameson Show,” hosted by VFTG moderator Karly Jameson.

But, Savage told Karly Jameson, as she recalled. “When it happened, they said, ‘This is amazing and huge. I told my boyfriend and my daughter and that’s it.

Savage says it was “the most surreal feeling” beating Coolranch. “I was stunned,” she admits.

She notes that the power of positive thinking and good decision making was a big help. “A lot of (other villains or moderators) lost before the live shows began. When they saw Archibald, they said, ‘I’m playing for second.’ But I said, ‘Somebody is going to beat him; it might as well be me.”

Coolranch, who became a celebrity during his run, was able to joke about the elimination of Julia Scotti on “The Kathy Finkelmyre Show” Friday night.


“I’ve got my daughters, so, I just need a bit of time off to get on with a normal life. And it was decided that VFTG USA went… I’m doing the spring cycle when I go out there for one more season… and it’ll be my last one.”

Coolranch added: “Vote for the Girls – the year after I retire their 10th year, it’s the 10th season of the show. So I think that’s a nice place to stop.”


Tavon Savage announces gender change, will go by Bria Savage

FORT WAYNE, Ind., LITTLE ROCK, Ark., and BALTIMORE, Mar. (December 22, 2016) – Zinn’s Villain panelist Tavon Savage announced Thursday a personal change and gives the Vote for the Girls USA its very first M2F and F2M duo moderator of Savage and Savage’s boyfriend, Devin Martin. Savage will transition from male and begin living as a female on July 1, 2017 and will be known as Bria Savage .

“The fact of the matter is, I’m sorry we needed to inform my family in Arkansas that I’ve been in a relationship with a transman,” said Savage. “Being in a gay relationship with another man born a woman was just no longer compatible with my long-term success for my career advancement. As a result, I felt I needed to make this decision. It was not an easy decision. (It came down to) what I feel is best positioned for my life, my sexuality, and my career.”

One of the factors spurring the Savage’s gender switch to female was both third place finishes of both the late Christina Grimmie on The Voice 6  and We McDonald on The Voice 11 in which both were the last females in the respective finales. Grimmie’s third place finish behind runner-up Jake Worthington and the INFAMOUS Josh Kaufman did play a part in what has to be one of the most controversial moments in this site’s history with the most brutal punishments in this site’s history as well as the spouses/significant others of current Vote for the Girls moderators Kymberly Alvaraz moved from Dan Alvaraz to Ava Zinn (as Zinn auctioned off her male virginity to Alvaraz in May 2014); Perri Johnson moved from Mick Sill to Holly Everman (as Everman paid Johnson for a long-term relationship in May 2015); and shortly before Leonard Lai’s death in October 2015,  what was then known as Daniel McClannahan (now Danni McClannahan) switched her spouse from Lai to Lanise White for similar reasons, although Lai was a transman and McClannahan is now a transwoman.

“There’s nothing more valuable to Vote for the Girls and to NoSirGifts Fantasy Television Stations staff with both a transgendered man and a transgender woman, and on Vote for the Girls, Bria and Devin wlll make a great duo moderator as they were a great duo villain on Vote for the Girls,” said Kymberly Alvaraz, purple team moderator . “We’re very pleased that Bria Savage and Devin Martin bring the full value that Vote for the Girls brings to Arkansas and Maryland.”

The moderator panelists feels we’re getting beachfront property with both a transman and a transwoman, said Lanise White, in an interview Thursday morning. “Devin Martin is without doubt one of the most powerful and highly successful transmen on Vote for the Girls,” said White. The executive said NBC had no dealings with WRAL until after the station’s talks with CBS had come to a close.

“If they come to you,” Alvaraz said, “you take that meeting.”


Sophia & Maci’s Moderator Comeback Picks and Hall of Fame Nominees

As a two-time winning moderator that won The Voice 11 and Dancing with the Stars 23, Maci and I will cut the bulls#!t and flat out state our Vote for the Girls Hall of Fame nominees and why.

  1. Erika Van Pelt (American Idol 11): The second fellow Rhode Islander Billy Gilman advanced to the semi finals of The Voice 11, Erika Van Pelt immediately became my first nominee. Ava Zinn was fourtunate to have met EVP in person at the same Pittsburgh audition venue when the lovely Ava herself auditioned for American Idol 11. I was traveling from Montreal to Italy and back for Vota Feminilli (Vote for the Girls Italy) but I heard Erika could’ve went further than 10th place.
  2. Billy Gillman (The Voice 11): Billy Gilman met the same fate Adam Lambert from American Idol 8. Like Lambert, Gilman is LGBT–likely a key audience on Vote for the Girls. I’m not 100 percent certain, but Ava will correct me if I’m wrong. In The Voice 11 finale, he was great as was We McDonald (who got the Moderators’ Save upon her third place finish). Many people thought Billy or even We would win, but the VFTG models based on iTunes model proved otherwise.
    Had Maci and I not use a Flex Pick on Gilman or The Voice 11 winner Sundance Head, this would have been the second time (third counting DaNica Shirey’s eliminaton) in VFTG history a double VFTG Loss has happened on The Voice.
  3. Josh Gallagher (The Voice 11): No reason other than the fact Maci wanted to use a flex pick to take this pick away from Tavon & Devin. When I was a villain on the Dave Della Terza version of Vote for the Worst, the same Sundance Head was actually a VFTW pick on American Idol 6 ten years ago and that was when I knew I had to use a flex pick.
  4. Samantha Johnson (America’s Got Talent 10): What the fuck, America? Seriously, A fucking sausage fest? No wonder the females on the pink and purple teams participate in DWTS and the males on the red and blue teams (until Jacqui Fountaine, Nadine Cole, Marla McClinton, Sonia Donbar, and Jenna Monroe joined VFTG and why Ava introduced the Moderators’ Challenge this year). Maci, in her heart of hearts, honestly believed Samantha Johnson deserved to be in the America’s Got Talent 10 final to win America’s Got Talent in 2015, but what made this one of the most disappointing eliminations was the attitudes of the judges that had the audacity to take the vote to deadlock and that she was robbed while as Maci and I were Canadians watching in Montreal, thought it was our fault that Johnson was in the Dunkin Save.
  5. Tate McRae (So You Think You Can Dance 13): Seriously?! What the fuck, America? And I really thought that Tate McRae would have been in the Top 2 of So You Think You Can Dance with Kida Burns had America not been “complete dick-heads” and thought McRae would win it all by not voting. I had called Peta-Alyce Kaizer, Breeanna Sorensen, and Rachel Passalt all cocksuckas for deciding to not use the Moderators’ Save on Tate McRae. But the three cocksuckas WILL be fucking overruled. This Canadian MILF WILL MAKE SURE (pending Ava’s decision) this So You Think You Can Dance loss is null and void. Just give Ava some time to review.

Now the Moderator Comeback picks that Maci chose…

  1. Brittany Butler (The Voice 7): Maci thought Brittany deserved to go further than the Battle Rounds, but her elimination basically sat up a disaster..
  2. Katherine Winston (American Idol 14): Probably one of the most robbed VFTG picks in American Idol history, if not the most robbed.
  3. Jillian Jensen (American Idol 13 and The X Factor 2): No explanation necessary. Only thing that Brittany, Katherine and Jillian have in common are the fact they live in Massachusetts.



Marti McDaniel’s Moderator Comeback Picks

As my in-state rivals from Jacksonville and Miami pointed out, Florida has had more Vote for the Girls victories than any other state.

Tampa Bay may be one of this site’s strongest markets, but its also my home market.

If I had to choose which Vote for the Girls pick would be nominated in the Hall of Fame if I had to give one out, it would have been a tough call since Macy Kate was already chosen as the 100th Vote for the Girls pick. But I would have chosen the winner of Miss Georgia USA and The Voice 8’s Deanna Johnson.

But I’m obligated to pick three Vote for the Girls Moderator Comeback picks. Two are from Florida and all of them were contestants from The Voice 4:  Mary Miranda, Monique Abbadie, and Amy Whitcomb.


Donna & Tim’s Moderator Comeback and Hall of Fame Nominees

Florida has the most Vote for the Girls victories with the wins of West Palm Beach’s Cassadee Pope and Eliana Girard, Miami’s Melanie Amaro and Gaby Diaz, and Orlando’s Alex & Sierra. Although the 99th and 100th Vote for the Girls picks were Karen Hornsby and Macy Kate respectively from Jacksonville and Tampa/St. Petersbug; my husband Tim, myself, Nadia (Lorenzo), and Marti (McDaniel) have to keep this in mind when making our decisions.

Tim and I can only nominate one VFTG pick into the Hall of Fame and that really sucks when you are not the winning moderator. I almost wanted to nominate Christian Cuevas as the nominee, but at the end of the day the hometown of that person comes into making the nominee. I really wanted to put Christian in the Hall of Fame, but I’m confident that Nadia will be the one to put him in the Hall of Fame unless she and/or her girlfriend Peta-Alyce does something really stupid. Then I will be upset.

Tim wanted Karen Hornsby as the nominee, but NoSirGifts officials informed us that Hornsby was ineligible because she was the Vote for the Girls 99th pick. I could have picked anyone from my home state of Ohio, but I do remember one girl’s X Factor audition literally had me “Blown Away” like any Southern belle.

I’ve tweeted my Hall of Fame nomination

Rion Paige Thompson is the nominee in the Vote for the Girls Hall of Fame.

Now to the Moderator Comeback picks.

I am familiar with the Coach Comeback on The Voice, but I was bit confused about the Vote for the Girls Moderator Comeback picks. When I learned about the number of picks Tim and I can choose was three. It was the easiest decision for both Tim and I so here are the nominees that Tim and I have chosen as the moderator comeback picks. In no particular order they are:

  1. Lexi Luca (The Voice 6): I honestly thought she would go further than the Battle Round. Other than just having no reason besides to choose Lexi as a Comeback Pick simply because she is from the same Florida market as Cassadee Pope, I could’ve supported her instead of her opponent that did cost a Vote for the Girls victory.
  2. Brittney Lawrence and Angie Keilhauer (The Voice 10): Tim and I thought these ladies were great contestants that should’ve went further. Sorry, Mr. now five-time The Voice champ Blake Shelton, I disagree with the decision to choose Paxton Ingram over these two women at the time and someone should’ve kicked Blake in the nuts.



Ava & Kymberly’s Moderator Comeback and Hall of Fame Nominees

There is a reason why I launched Vote for the Girls is to not only get a Vote for the Girls victory and there is another reason why we have a site like VOTE FOR THE GIRLS.

From top to bottom: Lauren Diaz, Beth Spangler, and Maye Thomas

As if Vote for the Girls didn’t already have enough elements to keep up with when Moderators’ Save introduced in 2014 (recently used on The Voice 11 after We McDonald finished third), flex picks in 2015 (played a role in the double moderator victories on The Voice 9, 10 and 11), and in 2016 I’ve just added one more in addition to the Moderator’s Challenge. The Moderator Comeback!

Each moderator and each villain can now bring back three former Vote for the Girls picks and winning moderators can nominate a Vote for the Girls pick in to this web site’s Hall of Fame. I think this latest feature is a great twist. Since Vote for the Girls launched, nearly 300 female contestants and 100 flex picks have been featured on this web site. It seems to be the right time since American Idol isn’t on anymore and the moderators and villains are able to being at least one contestant he or she wish they hadn’t boycotted.

After some thought and consideration Kymberly and I narrowed down to who we are putting in the Vote for the Girls Moderator Comeback (for your votes) and Vote for the Girls Hall of Fame nominees.

The Moderator Comeback selections are (in no particular order):

  1. Lauren Diaz (America’s Most Talented Kid and The Voice 11): Kymberly and I thought this would be the winner of The Voice 11 and a four chair turn. Diaz showed promise with her blind audition of coach Alicia Keys’  “If I Ain’t Got You” (and yes, it is the same song she performed on America’s Most Talented Kid in 2004). But after losing an impossible battle to We’ McDonald and a knockout to Ali Caldwell, her time was cut short unfortunately and ended with yours truly and Kymberly with no Vote for the Girls picks on The Voice 11 (and the second such time after Beth Spangler). Oh, if only NBC didn’t have that major f**k up on 11/9 (referring to the 2016 Presidential Election). Coincidentally, this leads to the second Moderator Comeback pick of….
  2. Beth Spangler (The Voice 7): Like Lauren Diaz, I honestly thought this was the winner of The Voice 7. Spangler also showed promise in her bling audition. But after losing a battle to Mia Pfirrman and a knockout to Ryan Sill, yours truly had no remaining Vote for the Girls picks.  Kymberly said that Spangler had more potential back then and still does now and at the time Kymberly thought that her Knockout opponent, Ryan Sill was not connecting with the audience (yet those same fans voted for him in the insta-save that season), though I would have voted for Beth Spangler as THIS IS VOTE FOR THE GIRLS!!!! Spangler is the reason why I do this site.
  3. Maye Thomas (The Voice 11): Kymberly and I were disappointed as much as Kymberly’s in-state rival Ann & Kylie was when she lost a knockout to Darby Walker, and just like yours truly and Kymberly, the Dwyar Sisters (Ann & Kylie) did not have any remaining Vote for the Girls picks. Kymberly said it was obvious and effectively backed the supported contestant from Nashville and Las Vegas, though she was confused by the decisions of Alicia Key and Miley Cyrus and quoted during the live playoffs, “Can I just say this is exactly what happens when coaches choose the wrong people to take to the live shows. When I found out we get to being back a previous Vote for the Girls pick, Maye instantly came to my mind and that’s who Ava & I have chosen in the Moderator Comeback.”

The reason why Kymberly and I chose Diaz, Spangler, and Thomas were exactly the same reason Gwen Stefani brought back Ellie Lawrence as her Coach Comeback artist on The Voice 9 (coincidentally Kymberly and I chose her as a Vote for the Girls pick). These three women are absolutely one-of-a-kind in the eight seasons Vote for the Girls has been online. With Lauren’s incredible stage presence and three unique voices, it was a bloody shame that those three women were eliminated in the first place. The styles set the three apart, but it also worked against them on The Voice. The voice appeals to a very niche audience, such as this site. This made it difficult for her to win over the coaches on The Voice in the early rounds because they were looking for the artist that appealed to the widest audience, and none of them were it. Luckily for Lauren, Beth, and Maye, though, the decision is in the hands of the audience of Vote for the Girls now. If enough people that saw them watching from home believe in her, then one of those women can definitely make it all the way to the Vote for the Girls Hall of Fame.

The new “Moderator Comeback” feature (at least on Team Ava and Kymberly) definitely works in Lauren Diaz’s favor, but what about the other contestants or those who got went to the live shows or even made the competition finale? Obviously it is a disadvantage to them because the Vote for the Girls picks pool is just getting bigger and they’re competing against opponents who they’ve already beat. As with any wild card, one Vote for the Girls pick could be eliminated in place of moderator comeback picks, which may be a bit unfair. Either way, this new twist is certainly an exciting and I can’t wait to see how it plays out this season and perhaps in future seasons.

Now to the VFTG Hall of Fame Nominations…

As the winning moderator of The Voice 9, The Voice 10, Dancing with the Stars 21, American Idol 15, and pretty much dominated the whole 2015-16 season, like all winning moderators,  she gets to choose as many as five nominees to be considered in the Vote for the Girls Hall of Fame. Kymberly chose two and I chose three.

They are…

Out of all the possible Vote for the Girls picks (they’re shown in the credits of almost every Vote for the Girls episodes on YouTube), I’ve developed some strong respect for the ladies we’ve voted for. Thinking about these nominees came to my mind but came up with more such as American Idol’s Crystal Bowersox, Lauren Alaina, Haley Reinhart, Jessica Sanchez, Skylar Laine, Hollie Cavanagh, Erika Van Pelt, Elise Testone, Malaya Watson; The Voice’s Sasha Allen, Amber Carrington, Sarah Simmons, Judith Hill, Tess Boyer, Bria Kelly; The X Factor’s Rachel Crow, Drew, Carly Rose Sonenclar, Fifth Harmony, Ellona Santiago, Rion Paige Thomson all were possibilities, but just choosing three was hard but for Kymberly she chose someone from my possibilities plus someone she would have supported.

The three women I’m putting into the Vote for the Girls Hall of Fame are after much thought and consideration and the reason why I believe they are the best candidates:

  1. Lauren Alaina and Haley Reinhart (American Idol 10): It was obvious then as it is now. After Pia Toscano‘s elimination on April 7, 2011, the “Vote for Lauren and Haley” campaign became one of my personal favorite moments (if not my favorite moment) in Vote for the Girls history and “pulling a Brandi Chastain” made its debut. It was obvious that Vote for the Girls was still looking for its first American Idol victory at the time meaning Lauren and Haley had to make the American Idol 10 finale for what still is a threshold for not only a guaranteed Vote for the Girls Victory, but an all-female finale in any competition is automatic DOUBLE VOTE FOR THE GIRLS VICTORY. At the end of the day, I am the one that makes the final decision and despite Reinhart being a Dave Della Terza/Vote for the Worst pick at the time (the Dave Della Terza version of Vote for the Worst was based in the Chicago suburb of Naperville and therefore was the hometown VFTW pick). Had there not been Vote for the Worst, there would not be a Vote for the Girls as we known it today.
    • Lauren Alaina held Vote for the Girls’ longest American Idol pick until being tied by American Idol 13’s Jessica Meuse before being surpassed by Jena Irene Asciutto on American Idol 13. This played a deciding factor when I chose Lauren as a nominee in the Vote for the Girls Hall of Fame.
    • Haley Reinhart was the first Vote for the Girls pick and became a Vote for the Worst pick from the American Idol 10 Quarter-Final (Top 4) to Semi-Final (Top 3). This made Reinhart the first dual VFTG/VFTW pick (not counting Rachel Zevita). Coincidentally, this leads to…
  2. Jessica Sanchez (American Idol 11): Jessica Sanchez, in addition to the aforementioned Lauren Aliana and Haley Reinhart, was the third girl that made Vote for the Girls a household name and earned its place on the map for good. On April 12, 2012 Sanchez found herself on the verge of being eliminated but was saved by the judges, making her the youngest contestant and first female ever to be saved by the judges. After Erika Van Pelt’s elimination, I realized that I had made “a huge voting mistake” by not including Sanchez as a Vote for the Girls pick. It was during that season each moderator had chosen who they wanted to win. I had initially picked Elise Testone and Erika Van Pelt, Robyn Hurd (which would be her final Vote for the Girls season before her death on May 24, 2012) chose Skylar Laine and Hollie Cavanagh, as did Holly Everman. Archibald Coolranch unofficially picked Shannon Magrane and Colton Dixon (it should be noted that Archibald was the original Zinn’s Villain predating the closure of then-competing web site of the Dave Della Terza version of Vote for the Worst and gave Archibald all male contestants by default)
    • In Jessica Sanchez’s American Idol season, I went undercover and audition as a contestant for American Idol 11 in Pittsburgh confronting the previous season’s gender bias as well as due to being 28 years of age at the time it was the only time I ever tried out (hence, I, Ava Zinn, becoming the ONLY Vote for the Girls moderator to have ever tried out for American Idol). Little did I know at the time, what I remember from my own audition as well as meeting future VFTG pick Erika Van Pelt,
    • In the following season (American Idol 12), it was proven a year after my American Audition and Jessica Sanchez being the recipient of the Judges’ Save to point the common knowledge that at the time Idol hadn’t had a female winner since Jordin Sparks had won in 2007 and with 5 guys having won since that time, many fans and critics felt that with the way the American Idol 12 Top 10 had been set up that the producers were trying to manipulate the results in order for a woman to win the show, which in fact ended up happening thanks to this site and my audition. Though the producers did not know that it WAS THE WEBMASTER OF THIS WEB SITE’s Audition in Pittsburgh that not only changed my life, but this web site forever.

Now to Kymberly’s two nominees…

These two individuals have a Colorado connection and both nominees is what made this site in Colorado and Utah (particularly Denver and Salt Lake City) a Vote for the Girls hotbed, and Denver becoming the sixth strongest Vote for the Girls market behind only Atlanta, Indianapolis, Tampa, Milwaukee, Fort Wayne within six months of Kymberly joining the moderator panel!

  1. Rachel Crow (The X Factor 1): Other than the fact Rachel hails from Colorado, Kymberly could not have picked a more deserving Hall of Fame nominee that Rachel Crow. Rachel’s elimination left Kymberly heartbroken yet Kymberly remembers that night well as preparing to present KDNC-FTV’s 9:00 p.m. newscast now known as “Colorado Action News at 9” with co-anchor Janet Webb.
  2. Miguel Dakota (America’s Got Talent 9): As soon as Kymberly and the other staff on the web site were informed about the Moderator Comeback and Vote for the Girls Hall of Fame Nominations, Miguel Dakota INSTANTLY came into Kymberly’s mind as she wish she voted for since Miguel wasn’t a Vote for the Girls pick and came from Colroado. In fact, none of the female moderators were allowed to participate on America’s Got Talent since Zinn’s Villains have the rights to AGT before the Moderator’s Challenge was introduced this year). It was Miguel Dakota’s time on AGT 9 that Kymberly made a suggestion to allow female moderators on the pink and purple teams to pick male contestants as her Vote for the Girls pick instead of boycotting them unless it was under the Alex & Sierra rule, which eventually became FLEX PICKS and setting up for what eventually lead to Nick Fradinai (who also auditioned for AGT9 as a member of Beach Avenue) making Vote for the Girls history when he won American Idol 14.

What do you think of these decisions? Were they the right choices? Comment below.