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Vote for the Girls founder and webmaster Ava Zinn knew at an early age that she wanted to be in the news business and entertainment industry. Ava’s a Van Buren, Indiana, native and graduated from Mississinewa High School in Gas City, IN. She worked at two fantasy television stations in Marion/Fort Wayne as a reporter/anchor/producer at WFAZ-FTV (now WMRI-FTV) in Fort Wayne where she spent nine years. Ava then went to WXXC-FDT “INNCD 47” where she and Rachel Dean, Sr. launched the first internet TV station. She spent 12 years at INNCD 47 before leaving the fantasy TV news industry in 2011. Ava Zinn currently hosts Vote for the Girls USA and serves as the executive producer since its April 28, 2010 debut. Most people know Ava as one of Indiana’s strongest transwomen, the transwoman whose groundbreaking accomplishments has helped take change Indiana laws to include trans-men and trans-women, making Marion, Indiana and Grant County a more transgender friendly community, as well as the groundbreaking innovator as former President and CEO of NoSirGitfs Venues, whose small business and launched INNewsCenter and WXXC-FCA “INNCD 47” at Mississinewa High School as a Computer Technology project assignment in November 1999. But gifts and media are not the career she envisioned for herself. December 1, 2004 will go down in history as the day that changed how Indiana protects the LGBT community from discrimination based on a person’s sexual orientation and gender identity. The date wasn’t chosen randomly. It was exactly the day that Ava Zinn officially began the transition from male to female. Prior to the transition, Ava was one of the top male Special Education Students in Indiana. Since the big transition, Ava has maintained her prominence in the community of Marion, Indiana. Born a boy in LaGrange, Illinois and educated in the Mississinewa Community Schools from 1986 to 2002, Ava moved to Indiana in November 1983 with her mother, Margaret (1943-2002), and brother, Albert (1977-2002), and were living the American Dream. After graduating from Mississinewa High School, Ava was studying to become a special education teacher. But after a prom date being a no show and dis-enrolled from Indiana Wesleyan University in September 2001, everything changed. April 18, 2011 will go down in history as Ava Zinn announced on her YouTube channel that she would audition the 11th season of American Idol. The date was not chosen at random. It was the 15th anniversary of the day she broke a window at school. Sadly, Ava did not get to meet the judges yet met eventual finalist Erika van Pelt. Ava Zinn came out as a transgendered woman in November 2003, but did not completely to all until July 29, 2011.Over the years, Ava has volunteered and/or supported numerous organizations, including the Boy Scouts and United Way of Grant County. She and her girlfriend, Kymberly Alvaraz, reside in Marion, Indiana. Ava and Kymberly have a son: Kenneth. Ava is the father of four daughters; Samantha, Ashli, Tiffani, and Tabitha–and is the stepfather of Kymberly’s daughters: Stephani, Hayley, Benita, and Denise.


Archibald Coolranch to retire at the end of ninth season

Vote for the Girls USA is about to go through a huge change in the fall 2019 pending the renewals of Dancing with the Stars and The Voice as Archibald Coolranch has decided to step down at the end of the ninth season in May 2018.

The forthcoming season of Vote for the Girls will be Archibald Coolranch’s final year on the Zinn’s Villain panel as today he announces that he is stepping down from his role as Head Villain. Coolranch has been Head Villain on VFTG since its debut on April 28, 2010

Archibald Coolranch says: “In 2010, I was asked to take part in a brand new endeavor, and who would have thought me, old Archibald Coolranch, would still be part of this amazing series nearly 10 years on. This adventure began when I was in my 70s and now that I’ve reached 80, I’ve decided after 2018, it’s time to hand the role of Head Villain to someone else. It is an honor being part of the wonderful venue and I’m looking forward to my last season very much and to whatever comes next.”

Ava Zinn, Vote for the Girls founder, host and webmaster, says: “After 8 years, our Head Villain Archibald has decided it’s time to hang up his Zinn’s Villain shoes! I know we are all going to miss him tremendously, but I also know Archibald’s final season is going to be full of unmissable moments and I hope fans and audiences will give him the special send-off he deserves.”

Zinn added: “I’m absolutely delighted that Holly (Everman), myself, our moderator panelists (except Tracia & Hillary), and villains are all returning for another year. Although we will be sad to say goodbye to Archibald, as our way of saying thank you, we are all determined to make the ninth the most spectacular and entertaining yet.”

Talking to Kathy Finkelmyre on The Kathy Finkelmyre Show, he clarified rumors as a potential successor, saying it was more about having a “villainy person” there.

Coolranch added: “What I said was this: I’m 80 now, come to next two years I’ll be 82 obviously, and what I said was ‘a good successor’ – Luka, Glenn, Ted Shields – and for me, what I was trying to say is, it’d be good if it was somebody whose roots were fans of American Idol male contestants.

He recently praised fellow villain Bria Savage (formerly Tavon Savage) about Savage’s gender transition, and hit back at pink team moderators Sophia Williams and Maci Blanca, after viewers claimed Williams and Blanca had unfairly used two flex picks on Josh Gallagher and The Voice 11 winner Sundance Head and taking those picks away from Savage and her boyfriend, Devin Martin.

He said he was also surprised about the flex picks on The Voice 11, but stressed that Ava made the right call and as moderators and villains, judged solely on the performances done on that night.

He explained: “It’s nothing to do with the Moderators’ Save, or who you think would win it all in the finale, it is just about that one performance.

“And as far as I was concerned – and Jacqui (Fountaine) and Glenn (Swaringen) – we thought Ali (Caldwell) didn’t go wrong, it was beautifully performed that night, so there you have it … The viewers, Sophia & Maci spoke.”

Earlier this season, Coolranch’s seven season winning villain streak came to an end on August 27, 2016 and was finally dethroned after becoming the winningest villain  in this site’s history. Bria Savage (then Tavon Savage), eventually nosed out Coolranch as the winning villain as her America’s Got Talent 11 pick Grace VanderWaal was declared the winner. Coolranch’s six season AGT streak brought him a lot of rewards, since Vote for the Girls began in 2010.

The soon-to-be transwoman from Little Rock, Arkansas who beat record-setting “Vote for the Girls USA” winning villain also appeared on “The Karly Jameson Show,” hosted by VFTG moderator Karly Jameson.

But, Savage told Karly Jameson, as she recalled. “When it happened, they said, ‘This is amazing and huge. I told my boyfriend and my daughter and that’s it.

Savage says it was “the most surreal feeling” beating Coolranch. “I was stunned,” she admits.

She notes that the power of positive thinking and good decision making was a big help. “A lot of (other villains or moderators) lost before the live shows began. When they saw Archibald, they said, ‘I’m playing for second.’ But I said, ‘Somebody is going to beat him; it might as well be me.”

Coolranch, who became a celebrity during his run, was able to joke about the elimination of Julia Scotti on “The Kathy Finkelmyre Show” Friday night.


“I’ve got my daughters, so, I just need a bit of time off to get on with a normal life. And it was decided that VFTG USA went… I’m doing the spring cycle when I go out there for one more season… and it’ll be my last one.”

Coolranch added: “Vote for the Girls – the year after I retire their 10th year, it’s the 10th season of the show. So I think that’s a nice place to stop.”


Tavon Savage announces gender change, will go by Bria Savage

FORT WAYNE, Ind., LITTLE ROCK, Ark., and BALTIMORE, Mar. (December 22, 2016) – Zinn’s Villain panelist Tavon Savage announced Thursday a personal change and gives the Vote for the Girls USA its very first M2F and F2M duo moderator of Savage and Savage’s boyfriend, Devin Martin. Savage will transition from male and begin living as a female on July 1, 2017 and will be known as Bria Savage .

“The fact of the matter is, I’m sorry we needed to inform my family in Arkansas that I’ve been in a relationship with a transman,” said Savage. “Being in a gay relationship with another man born a woman was just no longer compatible with my long-term success for my career advancement. As a result, I felt I needed to make this decision. It was not an easy decision. (It came down to) what I feel is best positioned for my life, my sexuality, and my career.”

One of the factors spurring the Savage’s gender switch to female was both third place finishes of both the late Christina Grimmie on The Voice 6  and We McDonald on The Voice 11 in which both were the last females in the respective finales. Grimmie’s third place finish behind runner-up Jake Worthington and the INFAMOUS Josh Kaufman did play a part in what has to be one of the most controversial moments in this site’s history with the most brutal punishments in this site’s history as well as the spouses/significant others of current Vote for the Girls moderators Kymberly Alvaraz moved from Dan Alvaraz to Ava Zinn (as Zinn auctioned off her male virginity to Alvaraz in May 2014); Perri Johnson moved from Mick Sill to Holly Everman (as Everman paid Johnson for a long-term relationship in May 2015); and shortly before Leonard Lai’s death in October 2015,  what was then known as Daniel McClannahan (now Danni McClannahan) switched her spouse from Lai to Lanise White for similar reasons, although Lai was a transman and McClannahan is now a transwoman.

“There’s nothing more valuable to Vote for the Girls and to NoSirGifts Fantasy Television Stations staff with both a transgendered man and a transgender woman, and on Vote for the Girls, Bria and Devin wlll make a great duo moderator as they were a great duo villain on Vote for the Girls,” said Kymberly Alvaraz, purple team moderator . “We’re very pleased that Bria Savage and Devin Martin bring the full value that Vote for the Girls brings to Arkansas and Maryland.”

The moderator panelists feels we’re getting beachfront property with both a transman and a transwoman, said Lanise White, in an interview Thursday morning. “Devin Martin is without doubt one of the most powerful and highly successful transmen on Vote for the Girls,” said White. The executive said NBC had no dealings with WRAL until after the station’s talks with CBS had come to a close.

“If they come to you,” Alvaraz said, “you take that meeting.”


Ava & Kymberly’s Moderator Comeback and Hall of Fame Nominees

There is a reason why I launched Vote for the Girls is to not only get a Vote for the Girls victory and there is another reason why we have a site like VOTE FOR THE GIRLS.

From top to bottom: Lauren Diaz, Beth Spangler, and Maye Thomas

As if Vote for the Girls didn’t already have enough elements to keep up with when Moderators’ Save introduced in 2014 (recently used on The Voice 11 after We McDonald finished third), flex picks in 2015 (played a role in the double moderator victories on The Voice 9, 10 and 11), and in 2016 I’ve just added one more in addition to the Moderator’s Challenge. The Moderator Comeback!

Each moderator and each villain can now bring back three former Vote for the Girls picks and winning moderators can nominate a Vote for the Girls pick in to this web site’s Hall of Fame. I think this latest feature is a great twist. Since Vote for the Girls launched, nearly 300 female contestants and 100 flex picks have been featured on this web site. It seems to be the right time since American Idol isn’t on anymore and the moderators and villains are able to being at least one contestant he or she wish they hadn’t boycotted.

After some thought and consideration Kymberly and I narrowed down to who we are putting in the Vote for the Girls Moderator Comeback (for your votes) and Vote for the Girls Hall of Fame nominees.

The Moderator Comeback selections are (in no particular order):

  1. Lauren Diaz (America’s Most Talented Kid and The Voice 11): Kymberly and I thought this would be the winner of The Voice 11 and a four chair turn. Diaz showed promise with her blind audition of coach Alicia Keys’  “If I Ain’t Got You” (and yes, it is the same song she performed on America’s Most Talented Kid in 2004). But after losing an impossible battle to We’ McDonald and a knockout to Ali Caldwell, her time was cut short unfortunately and ended with yours truly and Kymberly with no Vote for the Girls picks on The Voice 11 (and the second such time after Beth Spangler). Oh, if only NBC didn’t have that major f**k up on 11/9 (referring to the 2016 Presidential Election). Coincidentally, this leads to the second Moderator Comeback pick of….
  2. Beth Spangler (The Voice 7): Like Lauren Diaz, I honestly thought this was the winner of The Voice 7. Spangler also showed promise in her bling audition. But after losing a battle to Mia Pfirrman and a knockout to Ryan Sill, yours truly had no remaining Vote for the Girls picks.  Kymberly said that Spangler had more potential back then and still does now and at the time Kymberly thought that her Knockout opponent, Ryan Sill was not connecting with the audience (yet those same fans voted for him in the insta-save that season), though I would have voted for Beth Spangler as THIS IS VOTE FOR THE GIRLS!!!! Spangler is the reason why I do this site.
  3. Maye Thomas (The Voice 11): Kymberly and I were disappointed as much as Kymberly’s in-state rival Ann & Kylie was when she lost a knockout to Darby Walker, and just like yours truly and Kymberly, the Dwyar Sisters (Ann & Kylie) did not have any remaining Vote for the Girls picks. Kymberly said it was obvious and effectively backed the supported contestant from Nashville and Las Vegas, though she was confused by the decisions of Alicia Key and Miley Cyrus and quoted during the live playoffs, “Can I just say this is exactly what happens when coaches choose the wrong people to take to the live shows. When I found out we get to being back a previous Vote for the Girls pick, Maye instantly came to my mind and that’s who Ava & I have chosen in the Moderator Comeback.”

The reason why Kymberly and I chose Diaz, Spangler, and Thomas were exactly the same reason Gwen Stefani brought back Ellie Lawrence as her Coach Comeback artist on The Voice 9 (coincidentally Kymberly and I chose her as a Vote for the Girls pick). These three women are absolutely one-of-a-kind in the eight seasons Vote for the Girls has been online. With Lauren’s incredible stage presence and three unique voices, it was a bloody shame that those three women were eliminated in the first place. The styles set the three apart, but it also worked against them on The Voice. The voice appeals to a very niche audience, such as this site. This made it difficult for her to win over the coaches on The Voice in the early rounds because they were looking for the artist that appealed to the widest audience, and none of them were it. Luckily for Lauren, Beth, and Maye, though, the decision is in the hands of the audience of Vote for the Girls now. If enough people that saw them watching from home believe in her, then one of those women can definitely make it all the way to the Vote for the Girls Hall of Fame.

The new “Moderator Comeback” feature (at least on Team Ava and Kymberly) definitely works in Lauren Diaz’s favor, but what about the other contestants or those who got went to the live shows or even made the competition finale? Obviously it is a disadvantage to them because the Vote for the Girls picks pool is just getting bigger and they’re competing against opponents who they’ve already beat. As with any wild card, one Vote for the Girls pick could be eliminated in place of moderator comeback picks, which may be a bit unfair. Either way, this new twist is certainly an exciting and I can’t wait to see how it plays out this season and perhaps in future seasons.

Now to the VFTG Hall of Fame Nominations…

As the winning moderator of The Voice 9, The Voice 10, Dancing with the Stars 21, American Idol 15, and pretty much dominated the whole 2015-16 season, like all winning moderators,  she gets to choose as many as five nominees to be considered in the Vote for the Girls Hall of Fame. Kymberly chose two and I chose three.

They are…

Out of all the possible Vote for the Girls picks (they’re shown in the credits of almost every Vote for the Girls episodes on YouTube), I’ve developed some strong respect for the ladies we’ve voted for. Thinking about these nominees came to my mind but came up with more such as American Idol’s Crystal Bowersox, Lauren Alaina, Haley Reinhart, Jessica Sanchez, Skylar Laine, Hollie Cavanagh, Erika Van Pelt, Elise Testone, Malaya Watson; The Voice’s Sasha Allen, Amber Carrington, Sarah Simmons, Judith Hill, Tess Boyer, Bria Kelly; The X Factor’s Rachel Crow, Drew, Carly Rose Sonenclar, Fifth Harmony, Ellona Santiago, Rion Paige Thomson all were possibilities, but just choosing three was hard but for Kymberly she chose someone from my possibilities plus someone she would have supported.

The three women I’m putting into the Vote for the Girls Hall of Fame are after much thought and consideration and the reason why I believe they are the best candidates:

  1. Lauren Alaina and Haley Reinhart (American Idol 10): It was obvious then as it is now. After Pia Toscano‘s elimination on April 7, 2011, the “Vote for Lauren and Haley” campaign became one of my personal favorite moments (if not my favorite moment) in Vote for the Girls history and “pulling a Brandi Chastain” made its debut. It was obvious that Vote for the Girls was still looking for its first American Idol victory at the time meaning Lauren and Haley had to make the American Idol 10 finale for what still is a threshold for not only a guaranteed Vote for the Girls Victory, but an all-female finale in any competition is automatic DOUBLE VOTE FOR THE GIRLS VICTORY. At the end of the day, I am the one that makes the final decision and despite Reinhart being a Dave Della Terza/Vote for the Worst pick at the time (the Dave Della Terza version of Vote for the Worst was based in the Chicago suburb of Naperville and therefore was the hometown VFTW pick). Had there not been Vote for the Worst, there would not be a Vote for the Girls as we known it today.
    • Lauren Alaina held Vote for the Girls’ longest American Idol pick until being tied by American Idol 13’s Jessica Meuse before being surpassed by Jena Irene Asciutto on American Idol 13. This played a deciding factor when I chose Lauren as a nominee in the Vote for the Girls Hall of Fame.
    • Haley Reinhart was the first Vote for the Girls pick and became a Vote for the Worst pick from the American Idol 10 Quarter-Final (Top 4) to Semi-Final (Top 3). This made Reinhart the first dual VFTG/VFTW pick (not counting Rachel Zevita). Coincidentally, this leads to…
  2. Jessica Sanchez (American Idol 11): Jessica Sanchez, in addition to the aforementioned Lauren Aliana and Haley Reinhart, was the third girl that made Vote for the Girls a household name and earned its place on the map for good. On April 12, 2012 Sanchez found herself on the verge of being eliminated but was saved by the judges, making her the youngest contestant and first female ever to be saved by the judges. After Erika Van Pelt’s elimination, I realized that I had made “a huge voting mistake” by not including Sanchez as a Vote for the Girls pick. It was during that season each moderator had chosen who they wanted to win. I had initially picked Elise Testone and Erika Van Pelt, Robyn Hurd (which would be her final Vote for the Girls season before her death on May 24, 2012) chose Skylar Laine and Hollie Cavanagh, as did Holly Everman. Archibald Coolranch unofficially picked Shannon Magrane and Colton Dixon (it should be noted that Archibald was the original Zinn’s Villain predating the closure of then-competing web site of the Dave Della Terza version of Vote for the Worst and gave Archibald all male contestants by default)
    • In Jessica Sanchez’s American Idol season, I went undercover and audition as a contestant for American Idol 11 in Pittsburgh confronting the previous season’s gender bias as well as due to being 28 years of age at the time it was the only time I ever tried out (hence, I, Ava Zinn, becoming the ONLY Vote for the Girls moderator to have ever tried out for American Idol). Little did I know at the time, what I remember from my own audition as well as meeting future VFTG pick Erika Van Pelt,
    • In the following season (American Idol 12), it was proven a year after my American Audition and Jessica Sanchez being the recipient of the Judges’ Save to point the common knowledge that at the time Idol hadn’t had a female winner since Jordin Sparks had won in 2007 and with 5 guys having won since that time, many fans and critics felt that with the way the American Idol 12 Top 10 had been set up that the producers were trying to manipulate the results in order for a woman to win the show, which in fact ended up happening thanks to this site and my audition. Though the producers did not know that it WAS THE WEBMASTER OF THIS WEB SITE’s Audition in Pittsburgh that not only changed my life, but this web site forever.

Now to Kymberly’s two nominees…

These two individuals have a Colorado connection and both nominees is what made this site in Colorado and Utah (particularly Denver and Salt Lake City) a Vote for the Girls hotbed, and Denver becoming the sixth strongest Vote for the Girls market behind only Atlanta, Indianapolis, Tampa, Milwaukee, Fort Wayne within six months of Kymberly joining the moderator panel!

  1. Rachel Crow (The X Factor 1): Other than the fact Rachel hails from Colorado, Kymberly could not have picked a more deserving Hall of Fame nominee that Rachel Crow. Rachel’s elimination left Kymberly heartbroken yet Kymberly remembers that night well as preparing to present KDNC-FTV’s 9:00 p.m. newscast now known as “Colorado Action News at 9” with co-anchor Janet Webb.
  2. Miguel Dakota (America’s Got Talent 9): As soon as Kymberly and the other staff on the web site were informed about the Moderator Comeback and Vote for the Girls Hall of Fame Nominations, Miguel Dakota INSTANTLY came into Kymberly’s mind as she wish she voted for since Miguel wasn’t a Vote for the Girls pick and came from Colroado. In fact, none of the female moderators were allowed to participate on America’s Got Talent since Zinn’s Villains have the rights to AGT before the Moderator’s Challenge was introduced this year). It was Miguel Dakota’s time on AGT 9 that Kymberly made a suggestion to allow female moderators on the pink and purple teams to pick male contestants as her Vote for the Girls pick instead of boycotting them unless it was under the Alex & Sierra rule, which eventually became FLEX PICKS and setting up for what eventually lead to Nick Fradinai (who also auditioned for AGT9 as a member of Beach Avenue) making Vote for the Girls history when he won American Idol 14.

What do you think of these decisions? Were they the right choices? Comment below.


Wé McDonald SAVED BY THE MODERATORS!!! No Loss on The Voice 11.

It was an all-Sophia & Maci finale on The Voice 11.

As Carson Daly announced the finalists in fourth and third place, the moderator panelists had already congratulated Sophia Williams and Maci Blanca now a two-time winning moderator and all of her remaining picks are officially in the Vote for the Girls Hall of Fame.

As we looked back at Wé McDonald’s auditioned we first saw back in August, all 16 moderators were unanimous, making her eligible for the Vote for the Girls Moderators’ Save. 

The final result:

4th Place: Josh Gallagher
3rd Place: Wé McDonald (MODERATORS’ SAVE)

WINNER: Sundance Head
RUNNER-UP: Billy Gilman

It was a very tough final. Wé McDonald becomes the seventh Vote for the Girls Moderators’ Save Recipient after SYTYCD 11’s Valerie Rockey, The Voice 7’s DaNica Shirey, American Idol 14’s Jax, the late Christina Grimmie on The Voice 6, American Idol 13’s Jena Asciutto and unofficially DWTS 22’s Paige van Zant.



REVEALED! Ava & Kymberly’s Vote for the Worst Picks for The Voice 11

Ava & Kymberly might not have had a Vote for the Girls pick on The Voice 11, yet had Lauren Diaz.


Adam Miley Alicia Blake
1 Elia Esparanza (flexed to Ann & Kylie – Ava said she didn’t like the song choice and felt it would be a better for Ann & Kylie) Charity Bowden (flexed out to Clark Jones – gave no reason) Lauren Diaz (cross-flexed from Holly & Perri – Ava remembers Diaz from ‘America’s Most Talented Kid’ ) Tarra Layne (flexed out to Tracia & Hillary – Ava felt bad for Tracia & Hillary)
2 Khaliya Kimberlie (flexed to Ann & Kylie – Kymberly said she didn’t want to flex Khaliya out, but Ava disagreed since Ava felt Halle Tomlinson had a better chance.) Halle Tomlinson (HOME – Kymberly)
3 Belle Jewel (HOME – Kymberly)
FLEX 1 Nolan Neal (flexed from Ted Shields – gave no reason though Ava effectively backed her long-time friend, Elaine Ellis) Sundance Head (flexed from Clark Jones)
Best of Worst 1 Wé McDonald
Best of Worst 2
Vote for the Worst 1
Vote for the Worst 2
Vote for the Worst 3


Adam Miley Alicia Blake
1 Lauren Diaz (STOLEN from Alicia)
2 Halle Tomlinson (ELIMINATED)
3 Belle Jewel (FLEXED OUT to Ann & Kylie)
FLEX 1 Nolan Neal (FLEXED OUT to Nadia Lorenzo prior to Nadia’s move to the purple team) Sundance Head (FLEXED OUT to Tavon Savage)
Best of Worst 1 Wé McDonald
Best of Worst 2
Vote for the Worst 1
Vote for the Worst 2
Vote for the Worst 3


Adam Miley Alicia Blake
1 Lauren Diaz (ELIMINATED)
Best of Worst 1
Best of Worst 2
Vote for the Worst 1
Vote for the Worst 2
Vote for the Worst 3

With the elimination of Lauren Diaz, Ava Zinn & Kymberly Alvaraz no longer have any remaining VFTG picks, therefore breaking their two season winning streak. This marks the second time Ava doesn’t have a VFTG pick in the finale after Beth Spangler’s elimination on The Voice 7.


Statement from Ava Zinn Regarding #VoiceResults from 12/6/16

I have mentioned on “Vote for the Girls” from time to time and you are probably wonder why The Voice 11 Semi Final result hasn’t been uploaded yet. So I will explain that hasn’t happened yet.

Near the end of the production, it is not my call to make that worries you and in the nearly eight years of “Vote for the Girls”, I’ve had moderators celebrating and then come back to inform her that she isn’t the winning moderator.

Between 7:00 PM Eastern Monday (December 5) and 10:00 PM Tuesday (December 6), the Pink Team East duo moderator of Sophia Williams and Maci Blanca, used two of their flex picks to take Sundance Head and Josh Gallagher from Blue Team West Villain Tavon Savage and his transgender boyfriend, Devin Martin. It is one of those grey things you worry about especially when there is the possibility of a Vote for the Girls loss barring a Moderators’ Save.

Here is what I had thought happened…

I thought that it would be easier rather than have Sophia & Maci celebrate the Double Moderator Victory as Wé McDonald, and flex picks Billy Gilman, Sundance Head, and Josh Gallagher with all the celebrations of the win and all.

I thought I saw Sophia and Maci had used two flex picks on Sundance and Josh after  the Monday 8:00 PM deadline.

I could have went to a debate match or a court of law and swore Sophia and Maci in fact used two flex picks after the deadline.

As I said, it is not my place to make the call on ” Vote for the Girls.” We have terrific representatives and officials from NoSirGifts Fantasy Television Stations that make the call of what’s right and what’s wrong.

In this case, I had no idea that Sundance was a Vote for the Worst pick on American Idol 6 chosen by Dave Della Terza until I read it on MJ’s Big Blog this week.

Had Sophia & Maci used their flex picks during the voting period (8 PM Monday to 12Noon Tuesday), it would’ve been unacceptable.

The officials and representatives at  NoSirGifts had to review last night’s The Voice 11 Semi-Final Results and no matter how you look at it Sophia and Maci used their two flex picks at 7:59:57 PM Eastern Monday (December 6), which gives Sophia and Maci a DOUBLE MODERATOR VICTORY.

I’m not trying criticizing of the officials at NoSirGifts, they honestly heard but didn’t see Sophia & Maci use two flex picks before the deadline.

Had Aaron Gibson and Brendan Fletcher not been eliminated, Tavon & Devin would have been disqualified and out for the remainder of Vote for the Girls season 8.

In any case. Ali Caldwell deserved a spot in that final! But there was no way she could prevail in the insta-save against Christian Cuevas and Josh Gallagher, but SHE IS IN THE VOTE FOR THE GIRLS HALL OF FAME as is Wé McDonald, who is officially the female winner of The Voice 11. So please vote for Wé with Passion.

The silver lining is at least –Wé McDonald kept next week’s finale from being a sausage fest. But our model predicts a third place finish, and potentially counting the Curse of the late Christina Grimmie and The Moderators’ Save will be used . The interesting thing about all this was a VFTG Pick from New Jersey never won until Laurie Hernandez won DWTS 23.


As the America’s Got Talent Quarterfinals came to an end Wednesday, purple team moderator Kathi & Karly threw a moderator’s challenge flag.

Kathi & Karly Jameson challenged Bill Delagatto’s pick of America’s Got Talent 11 pick Laura Bretan, who had won the sixth season of Romania’s Got Talent (aka Romnanii au Talent) just five days after Laura’s AGT11 audition aired.

The Moderator’s Challenge is a brand new review system (similar to the NFL’s Coach’s Challenge) is adopted similar to the instant replay.
In each regular and make-up competition, each moderator on the pink and purple team has two challenges that will start a review. Each challenge will require the use of a moderator or villain’s flex pick. If the challenge is successful, the flex pick is restored, otherwise the flex pick is used.

All VFTG pick reviews are be conducted by the webmaster, Ava Zinn,  on a stage-level monitor. A decision will be reversed only when there is indisputable visual and audible evidence to overturn the call.

Ava Zinn is notified of a Moderator’s Challenge when a moderator on the pink or purple team throws a red flag to use to get the attention of to challenge a VFTG Pick.

The Moderator’s Challenge will only cover the following situations:

  • Current VFTG or Zinn’s Villains picks that previously won a competition (Mannepat Molloy Rule, after Maneepat’s appearance on Rising Star after winning the first season of Thailand’s Got Talent in 2011. Thia Tola was the winning moderator when she was a moderator of the Thailand version of VFTG and imported Maneepat’s TGT victory to the United States in 2015.)
  • Decision in regard to an “Alex & Sierra” pick
  • Reinstatement of a previously eliminated contestant

The webmaster, Ava Zinn, along with the NoSirGifts executives and legal team, has 48 hours to watch the instant replay of the play and decide if the original call was correct. The producers, legal team, and Zinn must see “incontrovertible visual evidence” for a call to be overturned. If the challenge fails, the original ruling stands and the challenging moderator or villain is penalized by losing a flex pick. If the challenge overrules the previous call, the call is reversed; should there have been an official change of outcome, the outcome will be changed again, resulting in the original outcome and with no loss of a flex pick.

In this case of Laura Bretan, she previously auditioned for the sixth season of Romain’s Got Talent PRIOR to her America’s Got Talent 11 Audition. Bretan is from Chicago (the home market of Kathi Jameson and an adjacent market of Milwaukee). Because the female moderators of the pink and purple team are generally not allowed to participate in America’s Got Talent, and therefore no VFTG picks. There are only four occasions since Vote for the Girls began in 2010 and in other Vote for the Girls countries, a female moderator on the pink and purple teams have chosen a female contestant on AGT as her VFTG pick. This happened on America’s Got Talent 9 with Emily West and Kelli Glover and AGT1 winner Bianca Ryan. Last year, after the elimination of Samantha Johnson, leaving an all male America’s Got Talent 10 finale, the men (Zinn’s Villains) on the red and blue teams at the time (Leonard Lai, Clark Jones, Archibald Coolranch, and a guest moderator on the blue team filling in for Vote Against The Producers) had automatically got the Villain Victory.

Ava Zinn reviewed the performances of Samantha Johnson on AGT10 and Laura Bretan on AGT11 during the 2016 Summer Olympics, she has made her final decision since she has more moderator victories than any other moderator.

First, Ava Zinn has declared Samantha Johnson the female winner of America’s Got Talent 10 (via the Moderators Save) with Archibald Coolranch already the winning villain with his final villain pick, Paul Zerdin, announced the overall winner of AGT10, as well the fourth through tenth seasons of AGT.

Now, to the Laura Bretan decision…
“After Ava’s review of the Moderator’s challenge requested by Kathi and Karly Jameson, it is declared that in the event should a US-based VFTG pick is a current contestant of one competition in the United States is previously announced the winner of a competition show or a similar contest outside the United States, and that particular VFTG pick is flexed to male villain on the red or blue team, the villain must be disqualified and loses all his Villains picks and therefore flexed out to another moderator and/or villain.”

Furthermore, becasue Laura Bretan won Romanii au Talent on the week of her America’s Got Talent audition, Laura’s victory in Romaina must be imported to the United States. What this means is that Ava Zinn has to rule against Bill Delagatto and must be disqualified for violating the rules of Vote for the Girls.

A simple, but fatal error made in haste by Bill Delagatto resulted in his disqualification. Delagatto accidentally picked a former VFTG pick — the “very first time in VFTG history someone has presented us a villain pick that they didn’t choose” in the eight-season history of the show, said host and webmaster Ava Zinn.

I am so sorry to inform you that for the very first time in VFTG history someone has presented us a villain pick that they did not choose.

“This is devastating, but I feel like Ava made a fair decision. You break the rules, you pay the price. I broke the rules,” Delagatto said after he was stunned by the news from Zinn. He apologized and accepted his fate.

Zinn told Delagatto she believed the mistake was unintentional: “You panicked. I think you let something get the best of you, and flex picked a previous VFTG pick… Now I don’t think it was meant purposely, I just think it was a complete mistake. I am so sorry, but your season is going to end today.”

Delagatto apologized to the Zinn and co-host Holly Everman , and then to VFTG moderator Kathi & Karly Jameson for taking her VFTG pick. Fellow moderators  applauded his honesty.

It’s a sad ending to a season for one villain, but the rules are in place for a reason. After an emotional goodbye, Zinn announced that Kathi & Karly Jameson’s won the Moderator’s Challenge and Laura Bretan becomes the second imported VFTG victory after the appearance of Maneepat Molloy on Rising Star.
Regardless of Laura Bretan’s finish on America’s Got Talent 11, Kathi & Karly Jameson is already the first winning moderator of the new VFTG season. In addition, the Rising Star Loss (exactly two years earlier) is officially voided because of the Moderator’s Challenge Karly’s VFTG pick of Audrey Kate Geiger.

Vote for the Girls to advertise Ibotta, Inspirato, Coors Light


In preparing for the new season, this site  is adding banner advertisements, to the navigation bar. Ava is doing this not because of offsetting the cost of keeping Ava’s web-mastering business online, but as a condition of the deal I made with Ava after I paid less than $250,000 for the long-term relationship and taking Ava’s virginity two years ago after Ava and I had a can of Coors Light .  The advertisement in this post is from Denver based Ibotta and currently negotiating with Inspirato, which I personally know the founder–Brad Handler–and he is nine days older than me.

So, earlier this week, as I was looking over Ava’s iPad looking for stories for the website, when I noticed Ava had an app from Ibotta from my hometown of Denver. I found this was quite coincidentally comical since Ava just accumulated $20 from the app. As a native Coloradoan reaching 50 next year, I was kind of curious if someone I was rivals with  (I’m pretty sure it is either Julia Passalt or Kylie Dwyar) during the time I was anchoring and reporting in Denver that they were advertising on a website that promotes vote for female contestants often supported by the female and transgender female moderators–especially on Dancing with the Stars as the Rocky Mountain states Colorado and Utah are a hotbed (with Lindsay Arnold, Witney Carson, Alison Holker, Derek Hough, and DWTS 20 runner-up Riker Lynch) of contestants.

I usually like to play the cards of “Broncos Fan,” “Denver MILF,”  “Colorado Girl” card in deciding which contestants Ava and I choose, but I’m sure a tranny and a MILF will not mind Inspiratio, Coors, and Ibotta making a little money for Vote for the Girls – show AVA Z the money–she needs it to pay off some debts.


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The site is currently being upgraded and we hope you’ll find it easier to use. All of the content still appear there. We’re also trying out a new format to make it easier to scroll through previous items from the web site archives. We will look into rolling that format out  soon.


New Details Emerge about Assassination of Christina Grimmie, Theories Develop

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Christina Grimmie Was Living Every Young Singer’s Dream—Until, Orlando Police Say, a Deluded Fan with two Guns Took It All Away

“Christina didn’t have an enemy in the world,” said Vote for the Girls moderator Marti McDaniel. And apparently it was no enemy who struck her down. The man charged with her murder, 27-year-old Kevin James Loibl, was described by police as an obsessive fan as the moderator panel thought it was an act of revenge for her loss on “The Voice” and allow Josh Kaufman’s victory.

A 22-year-old native of Marlton, New Jersey, Grimmie seemed to have a career on the rise. She was a contestant on the sixth season of the NBC reality singing competition “The Voice” and one of the greatest Vote for the Girls picks of all time, ranking up with Angie Miller, Jena Asciutto, Pia Toscano, and Alisan Porter. Charming and effervescent, she was performing as an opening act during a concert on the Friday night of June 10, 2016 to a world full of opportunity.

Not long thereafter, Grimmie fans heard five shots and two screams. “It was bloodcurdling,” says one fan.  She had been shot three times in the head. The man in the red shirt was tackled by Grimmie’s brother, Marcus, and later took his own life. Four and a half hours later Grimmie was pronounced dead at Orlando Regional Medical Center.

After the assassination, police and very few speculated that the killer was a deranged fan. “This was something that should have been fun and exciting and for someting like this to happen is a tragedy,” said Sgt. Wanda Miglio of the Orlando Police Department. McDaniel said, “I can only assume that it was somebody who didn’t know her but was obsessed with her. I can’t imagine that anybody who really knew her would do this. She was so mature and intuitive that she would have made sure this couldn’t happen.”

McDaniel was right. Hollywood Take reported that there was speculation that she had been killed by an ex-boyfriend. Steven J. Robinson, a member of Selena Gomez’s band, wrote on Facebook early Saturday that Grimmie was shot by an old boyfriend. Gomez was friends with Grimmie and previously toured with her. But Orlando Police still maintained that Grimmie did not know the person who shot her.
The murder of Rebecca Schaeffer in 1989 came sprang first to mind when the name of Grimmie’s assailant was revealed. Like Loibl, Robert Bardo was obsessed with Schaeffer and had been stalking her for three years. After writing numerous letters to Schaeffer, Bardo attempted to gain access to the set of the CBS TV series My Sister Sam, on which Schaeffer played a starring role. Ultimately, he obtained her home address via a detective agency, who in turn tracked it via California Department of Motor Vehicles records. On July 18, 1989, he confronted her at her home, angry at her for having starred in a sex scene in the film Scenes from the Class Struggle in Beverly Hills and thus having “lost her innocence.” He visited her at her apartment and told her he was a big fan. She signed an autograph, went back into her apartment and he left. About an hour later, Bardo again rang the bell to her apartment. Upon Schaeffer opening the door, Bardo fired one round of ammunition, killing her.

In the years since Schaffer and likely now after Christina Grimmie’s assassination, an uncomfortable number of people have been found to have experienced such twisted love and hate that has been going on for well over 30 years.

On the violent dark side for example, on April 10, 2014, Khayla Chow shoved Holly Everman to the floor causing the Vote for the Girls brawl. Chow was a guest moderator on Vote for the Girls that night and was fired on September 18, 2014. When Chow tried to gain access to the Vote for the Girls set, Chow  was killed by Kymberly Alvaraz on October 21, 2014, and Alvraz was found not guilty since it was ruled justified.

Even more frightening is the case of Bruce A. Raines, now 50-51, an umpire for a little league baseball team, begins to stalk then-teenager Laurisa Anello, now 42-43. He sends her all kinds of gifts like roses, pizzas, magazines, and then he begins sending strange notes. Her also follows her around town. Laurisa and her mother, Linda, constantly look over their shoulders out of fear.

Incidents like these abound are fortunately most are not hazardous to anyone’s health. Anyone, including the entire moderator panel of Vote for the Girls, who has spent many years in the local public eye knows that any public outing is likely to be interrupted and quiet conversation at a restaurant or a shopping trip to a grocery store becomes a thing of the past. “Mollie and I never had a dinner out in Iowa when there weren’t people at our table asking for Mollie’s autograph,” says VFTG Moderator Kendra Ray about her wife, Mollie. “[They want to tell you about] their devotion to the female contestants or male flex picks, how long they’ve supported the ladies, how long they’ve been fans of the Iowa Hawkeyes, down to their personal problems. They just sit down and start telling you.”

In Ohio and Florida, prior to joining Vote for the Girls, Donna Doogan was bothered for years by a farmer named Mark Roland. After numerous prior convictions for stalking, he was convicted in 2014 after calling Doogan nearly 518 times in six months.

“The cult of Vote for the Girls provides archetypes and icons with which alienated souls can identify,”  says a psychologist that Kymberly Alvaraz interviewed on WTOR-FTV’s (CBS 41 Fort Wayne) weekend morning newscast . “On top of that, this country has been embarking for a long time on a field experiment in the use of sex and violence on TV. It is commonplace to watch people getting blown away. We’ve given the ‘true sore losers’ a rare chance to express their dominance.”

Glenn Becker, a security expert and NoSirGifts security guard in Columbus, Ohio interviewed by Perri Johnson on WXXC-FDT’s (INNCD 47 Fort Wayne) primetime newscast Saturday night, helps news staff and local figures ward off unwanted attentions when entering Stage 41 and Stage 47 of the NoSirGifts Studios in Fort Wayne, thinks the problem is increasing. “It’s getting much worse,” says Becker. “It’s because of the emphasis on the lives of media figures, particularly on YouTube and social media. And this has blurred the line between appropriate and inappropriate behavior. Nowhere in history could you completely ‘know’ someone like you can now ‘know’ Kathy Finklemyre.”

Christina Grimmie’s death, to say the least, was particularly shocking and horrible.  Her personality, by all accounts, made her seem like a dream. A wonderful daughter, a sister, a damn good Vote for the Girls pick. But as a 16-year-old in 2010, she became famous on her own YouTube, joining the likes of Rising Star’s Macy Kate, American Idol 12’s Angie Miller, and likely many more Vote for the Girls picks that all ventured into furthering their singing careers .

“I remember back in 2014 watching her blind audition in North Carolina taking one look and fell in love with her,” recalls VFTG moderator Breeanna Sorensen, watching “The Voice.”  “Christina ahad a fresh charismatic way about her and was very gorgeous, with big brown hair and and a beautiful smile.”

Kylie Dwyar, then a news anchor in Denver and now VFTG Moderator remembers interviewing Grimmie in 2014. “I went to LA two years ago and I saw this nice, clean kid,” she says. “She was very serious about what she did. She was always this good kid who never lost her friends or her perspective.”

The buoyancy and the bright image were rewarded quickly. Soon Christina was a rising star. Even as the career took off, Grimmie remained an unspoiled charmer from New Jersey . “She was extremely curious and spirited,” says Dwyar. “She was the only celebrity I’ve ever known who managed to become successful and remain unjaded.”

Samantha Zinn, daughter of VFTG moderator Ava Zinn, who saw her on YouTube several years ago on, says, “She was the intellect that sat you down and told you what the industry was all about. I don’t want to say she was fearless. But she wasn’t affected by the big city or intimidated by the power.”

But, sometimes tragically, celebrities are not allowed the luxury of being alone. Grimmie discovered that on the night of June 10, 2016, when she had just finished a concert in Orlando and meeting with fans to sign autographs. And why not? How much risk could there be in a concert venue filled with parents of teenagers and young adults?

What she encountered was a white male whom witnesses described as nondescript.

He killed her with a three shots.

Afterward he was tackled by Marcus Grimmie, Christina’s brother, and the man shot and killed himself. The sorrow and devastation he left behind made it very clear, to paraphrase the respective philospohies of Carl Brizzi and yours truly, Ava Zinn: “Criminals Have a Choice. Victims Don’t” and “Producers/News Directors Have a Choice, Viewers Don’t”.