Sophia & Maci’s Moderator Comeback Picks and Hall of Fame Nominees

As a two-time winning moderator that won The Voice 11 and Dancing with the Stars 23, Maci and I will cut the bulls#!t and flat out state our Vote for the Girls Hall of Fame nominees and why.

  1. Erika Van Pelt (American Idol 11): The second fellow Rhode Islander Billy Gilman advanced to the semi finals of The Voice 11, Erika Van Pelt immediately became my first nominee. Ava Zinn was fourtunate to have met EVP in person at the same Pittsburgh audition venue when the lovely Ava herself auditioned for American Idol 11. I was traveling from Montreal to Italy and back for Vota Feminilli (Vote for the Girls Italy) but I heard Erika could’ve went further than 10th place.
  2. Billy Gillman (The Voice 11): Billy Gilman met the same fate Adam Lambert from American Idol 8. Like Lambert, Gilman is LGBT–likely a key audience on Vote for the Girls. I’m not 100 percent certain, but Ava will correct me if I’m wrong. In The Voice 11 finale, he was great as was We McDonald (who got the Moderators’ Save upon her third place finish). Many people thought Billy or even We would win, but the VFTG models based on iTunes model proved otherwise.
    Had Maci and I not use a Flex Pick on Gilman or The Voice 11 winner Sundance Head, this would have been the second time (third counting DaNica Shirey’s eliminaton) in VFTG history a double VFTG Loss has happened on The Voice.
  3. Josh Gallagher (The Voice 11): No reason other than the fact Maci wanted to use a flex pick to take this pick away from Tavon & Devin. When I was a villain on the Dave Della Terza version of Vote for the Worst, the same Sundance Head was actually a VFTW pick on American Idol 6 ten years ago and that was when I knew I had to use a flex pick.
  4. Samantha Johnson (America’s Got Talent 10): What the fuck, America? Seriously, A fucking sausage fest? No wonder the females on the pink and purple teams participate in DWTS and the males on the red and blue teams (until Jacqui Fountaine, Nadine Cole, Marla McClinton, Sonia Donbar, and Jenna Monroe joined VFTG and why Ava introduced the Moderators’ Challenge this year). Maci, in her heart of hearts, honestly believed Samantha Johnson deserved to be in the America’s Got Talent 10 final to win America’s Got Talent in 2015, but what made this one of the most disappointing eliminations was the attitudes of the judges that had the audacity to take the vote to deadlock and that she was robbed while as Maci and I were Canadians watching in Montreal, thought it was our fault that Johnson was in the Dunkin Save.
  5. Tate McRae (So You Think You Can Dance 13): Seriously?! What the fuck, America? And I really thought that Tate McRae would have been in the Top 2 of So You Think You Can Dance with Kida Burns had America not been “complete dick-heads” and thought McRae would win it all by not voting. I had called Peta-Alyce Kaizer, Breeanna Sorensen, and Rachel Passalt all cocksuckas for deciding to not use the Moderators’ Save on Tate McRae. But the three cocksuckas WILL be fucking overruled. This Canadian MILF WILL MAKE SURE (pending Ava’s decision) this So You Think You Can Dance loss is null and void. Just give Ava some time to review.

Now the Moderator Comeback picks that Maci chose…

  1. Brittany Butler (The Voice 7): Maci thought Brittany deserved to go further than the Battle Rounds, but her elimination basically sat up a disaster..
  2. Katherine Winston (American Idol 14): Probably one of the most robbed VFTG picks in American Idol history, if not the most robbed.
  3. Jillian Jensen (American Idol 13 and The X Factor 2): No explanation necessary. Only thing that Brittany, Katherine and Jillian have in common are the fact they live in Massachusetts.


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