Vote for the Girls Unvelils a new halftime wrinkle: Moderator Comeback

Vote for the Girls has unveiled a new twist for the second half of Season 8.

And this one is the best wonderful idea, unlike the moderators’ save used to decline VFTG losses and flex picking experiment, both of which fans says just seem downright gimmicky.

When the spring cycle of the season opens in February, each moderator will be allowed to bring back two previous Vote for the Girls picks since 2010 to go up for a public vote. Also some moderators and villains will choose who they want in the Vote for the Girls Hall of Fame.

That potentially corrects a major flaw in the earlier seasons process. Those contestants in the earlier seasons were aired months or years before Vote for the Girls launched.

That means a moderator or a villain doesn’t have the ability to factor in how well a Vote for the Girls pick is long after a show’s finale.

The problem has never been more glaring since Crystal Bowersox became the very first Vote for the Girls pick. As I suggested to Ava Zinn and mentioned on The Karly Jameson Show in 2015 and 2013 respectively, a number of VFTG picks have done well after their eliminations or after the show’s finale.

Who has been brought back for a Moderators Comeback and in the Vote for the Girls Hall of Fame?

Some moderators have already made their announcements on Twitter but all will be revealed on the Spring Cycle Premiere of VFTG soon.

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