REVEALED! The Voice 11 Moderators’ Vote for the Worst Picks.

Former Vote for the Worst pick Sundance Head may have won The Voice 11 with Wé McDonald getting the Moderators’ save to decline her defeat. But was Sundance still a Vote for The Worst pick?

This year each and every moderator revealed their VFTW picks instead of one post in detail. Here are the Vote for the Worst picks from the Moderators themselves:

  1. Ava & Kymberly
  2. Jenny & Tulissa
  3. Rachael Passalt
  4. Thia & Natasha
  5. Peta-Alyce & Nadia
  6. Donna & Tim
  7. Kathi & Karly
  8. Lanise & Danni
  9. Holly & Perri
  10. Sophia & Maci (WINNING MODERATOR)
  11. Breeanna Sorensen
  12. Maribel Mort
  13. Tracia & Hillary
  14. Ann & Kylie
  15. Kendra Ray
  16. Marti McDaniel
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