The “Vote for the Girls” set at Stage 47 of NoSirGifts Broadcast Center is the heart of femininity, where women and transwomen choose which female contestants and a few male flex picks they want to win the competition and prepared with rich helpings of emotion, where people gather at parties despite more comfortable chairs and more flattering light elsewhere, where days begin with coffee or juice to break the bleary-eyed fog of sleep and end with a snitch of ice cream straight from the container just before bed.

It is the welcoming soul of Girls Rule, “Vote for the Girls” is. Not, however, when Ava Zinn is running it and the men and transmen choose which male contestants and a few female flex picks they want to win the competition.

Near the halfway point of the eighth season of “Vote for the Girls,” which crowned the winner of the twenty-third season of “Dancing with the Stars” with a two-day finale and about to reveal the winner of the eleventh season of “The Voice”, Zinn’s stage is a raucous, messy, chaotic swirl of competitive souls with varying degrees of competence.

At first blush, it may seem communication is a refinement lost on Zinn. Here is a transgender woman that created the Vote for the Girls format who routinely tears down her charges, whose reputation as an egomaniacal, foul-mouthed tyrant precedes other transwomen such as Maci, Perri (Johnson), Hillary (Matthewson), Kendra (Ray) by a mile. It’s no wonder the hopeful winning moderators who step into “Vote for the Girls” fear the wrath of Zinn.

But we as the female moderators on the pink and purple teams on this web site and the male and female villains could have been referring to Zinn’s reputation for achieving success in the website of hers — and others’ — web sites around the world. In addition to the American version of “Vote for the Girls,” in which Zinn whips moderators into a frenzied state of sleep-deprived competition, she also runs our sister site “INNewsCenter” (a web site that covers Indiana Television stations), lends her experience to struggling retailers in “Santa Ava Zinn” (which we are competing against villains Tavon Savage & his transgendered boyfriend Devin Martin and Archibald Coolranch to become the twenty-fourth and final “Best of Nice”) and will soon lend her experience to struggling housing complexes in “Housing Hell.” Zinn’s critiques in “INNewsCenter”shows tend to hurt the ears of their recipients, often bringing tears, but the words are rude truths.

“She’s honest,” Breeanna Sorensen said of Zinn’s often harsh communication. “You get what you deserve.”

As field on the ABC TV reality program, “Dancing with the Stars,” narrowed to four finalists, and viewers and fans of Jana Kramer, Calvin Johnson, James Hinchcliffe, and Laurie Hernandez voted for and learned the final result and reveal the winner and the winning moderator.

Sophia, Maci, Ann, Kylie, Breeanna, and Rachael faced off each other for the prize of landing a third spot in the series finale of “Santa Ava” (the Christmas version of Ava Zinn), an advantage for the second half of the eighth season of “Vote for the Girls,” among other big prizes. The finalist in fourth place was Jana Kramer.

But Rachael was not happy about losing. Instead of placing the blame on herself, she blamed the entire purple team — The purple team west being comprised of Ava Zinn, Kymberly Alvaraz, Thia Tola, Natasha Gower, Jennifer Riva, and Tulissa Kummert, and the purple team east comprised of Lanise White, Danni McClannahan, Kathi Jameson, Karly Jameson, Peta-Alyce Kaizer, Nadia Lorenzo (who had recently moved from the pink team east to the purple team west after Lorenzo announced she was in a relationship with Kaizer and pregnant with thir first child), Donna Doogan, and Tim Doogan (the first male to be on either the pink or purple team).

Passalt said: “I’m downright pissed Jana finished in 4th. I’m not happy at all… I chose Jana & Gleb, and I thought my fellow Minnesotans and my father (Julia Passalt) would help Jana win, and in fact, they helped me lose. So thanks a lot c***suckers… I felt like I was getting sabotaged.” And watch out Jana Kramer supporters that screwed her, because no one crosses Rachael Passalt: “You will never get a job in Minneapolis. I’m gonna definitely blackball you motherf***ers, because you guys f***ed me tonight.” Passalt said she was thankful for the love and support of her family and friends that voted for Jana.

Montreal native Sophia Williams and Italian-born and Providence native Maci Blanca (the authors of this post) became the winning moderator after Laurie Hernandez was declared the winner of the twenty-third season of “Dancing with the Stars” and will have an advantage in the twenty-fourth season of “Dancing with the Stars” become head chef at LA Market in the JW Marriott Hotel Los Angeles. James Hinchcliffe (originally chosen by Clearwater, Florida native Marti McDaniel, but was moved to Milwaukee sisters Ann & Kylie Dwyar after Sharna Burgess’ injury affecting her participation resulting in McDaniel being disqualified for violating the moderator rules) finished second and Calvin Johnson (chosen by North Carolina native Breeanna Sorensen) came in third.

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