Double VFTG Victory: America’s Got Talent 11 (First Winning Villain)

Double VFTG Victory

What an amazing season of America’s Got Talent! A historic moment in Vote for the Girls history.

After seven seasons of Vote for the Girls, a Zinn’s Villain (YES! I said this right, a male moderator) chose Grace VanderWall as his Vote for the Girls Pick.

First some highlights:

Tape Face  (Team Luka Runecraft) and Sal Valentinetti (Team Phil Allen) step forward.

The moderator/villain in seventh place is… Luka Runecraft

Linkin Bridge (Team Holly & Perri) and Jon Dorenbos (Team Clark Jones) step forward..

The Moderator in sixth place is… Holly Everman and Perri Johnson. This season, only two female moderators were allowed to take part in America’s Got Talent.

Next is Grace VanderWall (Team Tavon Savage, yours truly) and Sofie Dossi (Team Kye Sanchez).

Kye Sanchez still has a shot with Brian Crum as Sofie is eliminated.

Then Viktor Kee (Team Clark Jones) and The Clairvoyants (Team Phil Allen) is next.

The moderator in fifth place is…. going to be decided in the next result. Becasue Phil now has two picks (The Clairvoyants and Sal Valentinetti) in the Top 5 while Clark still has Jon Dorbenos. Viktor Kee is eliminated

And Lastly, Romania’s Got Talent 6 winner Laura Bretan (Team Kathi & Karly) and Brian Crum (Team Kye Sanchez) take the stage. One moves on, the other will finish as the fifth place moderator.

We knew Kathi & Karly are already an imported winning moderator, but Laura Bretan comes up short and Kathi & Karly finish as the fifth place moderator. Brian is in the Top 5!

And more results… (video above)

The video courtesy of MJ’s Big Blog speaks for itself. As Sal, Brian, and Jon were declared the respective fifth, fourth and third place acts on AGT11, Ava Zinn said, “For the first time, we will have a male victor on VFTG! Gentlemen (to me and Phil), one of you is the winning villain. Let’s find out who that is.”

“The winning moderator of America’s Got Talent 11.


We finally did it, VFTGers, a first in Vote for the Girls. Grace is the first America’s Got Talent Victory on this web site and we say thank you for voting for her to the winner’s circle and breaking the “Bianca Ryan Curse” after ten years!!!!

So that means, yours truly, Tavon Savage, now joins VFTG Winning Moderators Ava & Kymberly, Robyn Hurd (1961-2012), Holly Everman, Kellie Rock (1964-2016), Kendra Ray, Thia Tola, Lanise White, Kathi & Karly, and Nadia Lorenzo and officially VFTG’s first Zinn’s Villain Victory.

BTW, I want to mention that if Nadia Lorenzo doesn’t nominate Tate McRae to be in the VFTG Hall of Fame after finishing third on Monday, I will nominate her. It is only a matter of time to convince Ava to reverse the VFTG Loss on SYTYCD 13 if Nadia doesn’t because I remember seeing and overhearing Nadia talking to Thia (Tola) & Natasha (Gower) saying, “I promise I’ll make it up to you if Terra Jole & Sasha don’t win DWTS 23”. Sorry, Nadia, you just got beat to the punch because at the start of the season, Ava told all of the moderators and villains, “Anytime a female contestant wins a show like “Idol”, the winning moderator will from now on, nominate a second VFTG pick to be inducted into the VFTG Hall of Fame.

I chose Tate McRae to be inducted in the VFTG Hall of Fame because Kida was flexed from Bill to Lanise and then to Nadia. So I did Nadia Lorenzo a big favor before Grace VanderWall was declared the winner and I’m positive Ava Zinn will agree with my nomination.


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