Tracia Matthewson: Why the name change…

Hello Folks, Tracia Matthewson  here. For those of you who haven’t noticed or been watching this past week, where the hell have you been? Seriously, if you haven’t had the time to tune in, I have changed my name to, well, my name. So many of you have e-mailed to say “Hey Tracia, it’s about time!”

Well, fortunately the folks at CBS 41/INNCD 47 over at Stage 41 and the webmaster of VFTG (Ava) at Stage 47 thought so too. Hillary and I got married over the summer years, and I have been “Tracia Matthewson”  everywhere but on the air since then. So why now? Well, there is no great strategy here. For some time now NoSirGifts (the parent company that owns CBS 41 ad INNCD 47 and the distributor of Vote for the Girls USA ) has been putting together a new look for the news opens at CBS 41 and opening sequence for VFTG, graphics etc.

That’s a big deal and very expensive so it’s not done very often. While making those plans they very graciously asked if I would like to change my on-air name. I talked it over with Hillary and my dad, Pete (he’s now the main anchorman at WMRI-FTV 9abc),  and everyone said “go for it” so I did. That simple. The decision had nothing to do with Karly’s decision to go curly nor the fact I had a baby recently. I thought it will be fun to see if I can actually call myself the correct name every day after being known as “Tracia Ward” after 25 plus years.  Between maternity leave and my normal space cadet nature, I think the betting pool is in full swing.

Nevertheless, I sincerely hope everyone voted for Emma Hellenkamp as America’s favorite dancer on #SYTYCDTNG… And one more thing, Lanise & Danni chose me as the pink team moderator that doesn’t have to participate in the upcoming season of DWTS. Hillary and I would have chosen Jana Krammer as my DWTS23 pick (and I’ve decided to flex it to Rachael Passalt)

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