Wendy and Anna Eliminated. BAD CALL, AMERICA. VALERIE is SAFE!!!

To fill the void between posts, here is the latest Vote for the Girls episode. Our Girl Valerie is in the Top 6 and already some people are even voting for her to win it all.

Acro Army needed the Judge’s Choice to advance in the competition on AGT. Blue Journey was the only VFTG pick saved by the American public, and placing us in danger of a Make-Up Loss.

BTW, everyone else on SYTYCD are untalented and boring. And we’ve gotta vote for Valerie for the VFTG Victory next Wednesday and nullifying “what’s that d**k-head’s from Indiana that robbed Christina Grimmie” and get us the first Victory of 2014.

You can also take the VFTG Pledge.

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