Christina Saved, Dani Sacked, Tess in Bottom

There is a reason why our girl Christina Grimmie got us the VFTG Win and not yet a VFTG Victory. The VFTG Victory only counts in the season finals of all competitions.

VFTG Pick Christina Grimmie SAFE!!!



Tonight we found out our awesome VFTG awkward turtle Kristen Merlin, made it into the top 10 with our support despite a f–k up last night. Nonetheless, it was awesome that our VFTG postergirl Christina Grimmie was saved on The Voice and is a phenomal VFTG pick since Pia Tosacno and Angie Miller combined. She is a truly phenominal singer who we all love. We love her though, he’s so endearing and fun to watch. Don’t take her massive following on Facebook and Twitter for granted though, she needs our support to stay in the competition and out of the bottom group with blowout performances that will make the performances of Delvin, Jake, and Josh . The judges even love Christina, yes they do! She’s clearly the best one left, and that’s the absolute best spot for her to be in. Christina needs our votes like Delvin, Jake, and Josh needs a sex change – really, really bad..

Less consequential, TJ Wilkins and Dani Moz. were sent home. Eh… at least Dani had a fun dress.

Also, The Voice released the instant save Twitter vote rankings from this week and our girl Tess got the save. Bloody Amazing! We could actually help Tess, Christina, Bria Kellt make The Voice of America 6 AN ALL FEMALE FINALE and Christina win this whole thing if we keep it up.

Dani Moz

Dani Moz

The artists saved as appeared from this week:

    1. Josh (buzzer)


  • Kat Perkins (ding)



  • Kristen Merlin (ding)






  • Delvin (buzzer)



  • Jake (buzzer)















Meanwhile, this is Ava Zinn’s opinion, Mark’s plot to get Christina Grimmie to win The Voice of America 6 by stacking the males (which are never those we never ever vote for–especially on American Idol)  male contestants or any white guys with guitars who can’t sing to save their lives and no better than a squashed John Mellencamp (as Jake is)  is working like a charm as the last three Voice of America winners have all been female (incidentally all were thanks to Vote for the Girls, and had we not added The Voice of America to the shows we cover with American Idol, X Factor, Duets, plus the soon-to-premiere Rising Star and potentially the US Version of “Keep Your Light Shining” Vote for the Girls and Ava Zinn would be unsuccessful). But VFTG may have a surprise for Mark Burnett as people continue to vote for our PRIMARY pick Christina Grimmie despite being BY FAR the BEST singer on this show (maybe even better than Judith Hill on The Voice or Angie Miller and Pia Toscano on American Idol!) only because of her previous independent music releases. And if VFTG and Christina can knock off (and KNOCK OUT and BALL-BUST) all the mega-pimped guys … VFTG Dance Party Time!!! (Ava laughs)

By the way, get ready to vote for Jessica Meuse and Jena Irene on American Idol Wednesday.

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