VFTG USA Encourages You to Vote for Jessica Meuse and Jena Irene on American Idol

Thank you for not voting for Dexter

This year has to be the most craziest and more combative competitions Vote for the Girls USA has ever seen in its five year history. You may have also noticed in the American Idol competition only two guys have been eliminated so far. Unlike years past, when a female contestant got voted off we would post a “Thank You for Voting for (female contestant’s name.)” But this year, given the fact we kept Spencer Lloyd out the finals, I decide to something different by posting the “THANK YOU FOR NOT VOTING FOR (male contestant’s name)” when a male is eliminated on the American Idol banner

Not one week since the semi-finals, has there been an all-male bottom group. That needs to change because it may already be deja vu from American Idol 10.

At the beginning of the American Idol 13 competition, I threatened go on a meat strike if Jillian Jensen and Marrielle Sellers did not make the finals. On February 27, following the elimination of Kristen O’Connor, I followed through on that threat as not only as a Vote for the Girls Punishment for Failure, but also a protest to the dreaded white guys with guitars of which we will discourage and this site already been endorsed by IHateMen.org after I posted a submission to that site. The meat strike will last through the remainder of 2014.

I also mentioned I was threatening to launch a porn site and auction off my virginity in the event of a Vote for the Girls Loss on The X Factor USA 3 and The Voice of America 5. At least the good news is that the pron site will not happen since Alex & Sierra won The X Factor USA 3 and Tessanne Chin won The Voice of America 5. Unfortunately, within 12 hours after Jessica Muse landed in the bottom group on American Idol, I’m following through on my threat to sell my virginity of which I announced on my web site (AvaZinn.com) and on my YouTube Channel.

What do you think of the meat strike and now my decision to auction off my virginity because of the five girls on American Idol 13 got eliminated and the remainding two (Jessica and Jena) already landed in the bottom group at this stage of the competition.

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