Dammit Malaya is PiaRoll’d, Moderators get into brawl, Holly’s DUI Arrest

It has to be the most infamous post on Vote for the Girls US’ five year history. It has happened again, another PiaRolling on American Idol as Malaya Watson got eliminated. Then as you see in the infamous episode.

Khayla Chow, a moderator of the UK version of Vote for the Girls, shoved VFTG US Chief Moderator Holly Everman  to the floor Thursday night following the elimination of Malaya Watson during the taping of Vote for the Girls.

The incident occurred during taping of VFTGUSA’s April 10, 2014 program.

During the taping, Chow criticized and verbally insulted Everman for ”kowtowing” the US Version, and Everman called Chow a ”bi-black bimbo,” refrencing to Chow’s race and sexual orientation.

Chow stood up and knocked Everman and VFTG moderators Kellie Rock, Kathi Jameson, and audience members joined the scuffle,  throwing punches and shouting epithets.

In response, Everman cited Chow’s calling The Voice UK finalist Lee Glasson a (expletive) for stealing Rachael O’Connor on Team Kylie Minouge, of which a fan on the UK version’s Twitter that was cyber-bulling


VFTG US Moderator Kathi Jameson was also a moderator of the UK version of Vote for the Girls

After order was restored on the set, Chow and Everman agreed to a boxing match sometime in the fall. Against her better judgement, Everman had a margarita and headed off the set for what proved to be for the final time of Vote for the Girls US 2014. Everman was pulled over in Anderson, Indiana while she was on her way home to the Indianapolis neighborhood of Castleton from the VFTG USA set in Marion, Indiana.

“During the course of the investigation, Ms. Everman subsequently failed several roadside field sobriety tests,” an officer of the Anderson Police Department said in a news release.

Everman currently faces a preliminary charge of driving under the influence, operating a vehiclle under the influence, and disorderly conduct that she faces are Class A and Class B Misdemeanors, both are punishable by up to two years in prison. Operating while intoxicated is a misdemeanor. The police statement did indicate that alcohol was involved.

Everman and Chow are currently suspended indefinitely from VFTG USA and VFTG UK indefinitely.

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