AVA ZINN ON YOU TUBE: The most shocking video ever posted (Ava is pissed off more than ever and loses it). Vote for the Girls Loss: Duets (season 1)

Note that this is sort of a personal announcement from yours truly, Ava Zinn…. and a notable Vote for the Girls Loss

Vote for the Girls Loss

In the past, I’ve sometimes been known be called a lot of things in my life. Being a nice lady hasn’t always one of them in recent years. The firey patience and scatching outbursts in the production room is what I’ve sometimes been known for. However, since the gender transition began in 2004, I am without a doubt, one of the best transwomen in the state of Indiana and has the experience and expertise to prove it. In fact, most people say that I have proved to be far more successful as a woman than I ever had been when I lived as male, yet is one of the landlady’s weakest tenants in her apartment complex (as a far as housekeeping) in Marion.

This video would make a good YouTube clip. In fact, my frequent loss of patience and foul language has made her favorite in her current locale of Marion, Indiana and most likely a favorite upon my relocation to Indianapolis.

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